Kelvin Larance Cobaris Is MAD, AGAIN

KelvinCobarisWhen will it end? What do we need to do to stop the killing? Pastor Cobaris is sick of it and will continue to shout about this until someone does something.

He has threaten to be in the face of the leaders until something happens.

Watch the video listen to what Pastor Cobaris is saying.


Another outspoken community leader is Attorney Natalie Jackson. In a related article, Attorney Jackson suggested

a real solution to a complex issue.

She points out that Government-Sanctioned Criminal Violence is the type of violence that can be fixed by the government.

She also says Community Criminal Violence is the type of violence which killed Brian Berry. This type of violence can come in many forms and be perpetrated by many different types or people or groups. Because of the varied nature of this problem, the solutions also must be varied.

We have to understand where the crime is coming from and who are committing the crimes. This requires an in-depth eco-sociological study of the community. Read the rest of Attorney Jackson thoughts, here. Http://