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By Natalie Jackson, Esq.
Dear Ryan Williams: Why are you lying about your prosecution of #NOELCARTER when you should just apologize to him?

Why are you willing to continue slandering NOEL CARTER'S name by accusing him of "putting his hands on a woman" and insinuating that he is a woman beater when you know that the woman in question said that did not happen and Noel wouldn't hurt her? In fact, YOU DIDN'T EVEN TRY TO OBTAIN THE WOMAN FOR TRIAL BECAUSE SHE TOLD YOU THAT THE ACCUSATIONS MADE BY THOSE DIRTY COPS THAT NOEL "BATTERED" HER BY TOUCHING HER ELBOW WAS UNTRUE!!

Admit wanted to win by any means necessary...truth be damn. You didn't care that those dirty cops tackled, tased, pepper-sprayed, punched, and kicked a NON-RESISTING UNARMED PERSON AND THEN LIED ABOUT IT IN A POLICE REPORT ACCUSING NOEL CARTER OF BATTERING THEM.

And while you did PARTIALLY win, why don't you tell the whole truth about the jury's inconsistent verdict and the fact that the judge in the case gave NOEL CARTER a withhold of adjudication or that Mr. Carter actually did get an early termination of his probation? Why don't you also tell the truth that during that case and trial, you took the word of a DIRTY cop and put him on the stand to FALSELY testify against Noel Carter when YOU KNEW that the dirty cop was DIRTY...heck...YOU KNEW (THE COP) EVEN HAD A CRIMINAL ARREST RECORD for using his undercover ID to FALSELY OBTAIN property and a DOMESTIC VIOLENCE RECORD...and I told you that BOTH OF THE DIRTY COPS WERE UNLAWFUL USING TAXPAYERS MONEY TO DOUBLE DIP by working at the club while on duty. had no qualms about believing their lies or putting those DIRTY COPS on the stand to give false testimony to a jury did you?

I don't have to read your LONG-WINDED Facebook post about #NOELCARTER's case or about David Ayala endorsement of Monique Worrell because it's just more of the same blah, blah, blah and doublespeak. Frankly, I'm tired of politicians who talk a good game when they want votes but whose actions don't back up the talk...especially, politicians for offices, like State Attorney, who are entrusted with the power to take someone's freedom and their life.

I don't have anything against you personally, but I was there at the trial and I saw YOUR PROSECUTION OF NOEL CARTER on a case that should have been dismissed because of the VIDEO EVIDENCE AND THE LYING AND UNTRUSTWORTHY COPS. Either you didn't have the courage to do the right thing and dismiss Noel Carter's case or you thought you were just doing your job or you didn't have the moral compass to know what the right thing was...EITHER WAY...IN MY OPINION, YOU SHOULD NOT BE STATE ATTORNEY.

(P.S. If your open letter "needs to be printed" in the so does mine)