Redlining Parramore

DrTimAdamsBy Dr. Tim Adams
Black people have had lands taken from us in the so-called Parramore Area every year since 1920 by use of various racially disparate means, primarily redlining!

The records are very accurate that show insidious action by elected and appointed officials to deprive African American business owners of opportunities, equal access to financing that egocentric ethnic group business persons have had access to.


As a journalist and community activist has shared: the usually all white men's groups have the opportunities to decide what, who and how business development and community development has taken place in our segregated Orlando land use and who gets to become endowed with opportunities.

Certainly money talks and all else walks or gets killed; however the current administration that just won four more years of continuing gentrification must stop and recognize that it is our money and our lives that he has carelessly, capriciously dealt with. The dilemma of African American ownership in so-called Parramore is surprisingly doomed to future failures if our Buddy refused community land owners who are African American to have a larger role in using our tax dollars to include and stop pushing us out of The Inner City.

Otherwise a new generation of African Americans will revolt city wide with anger this city has never seen. Be warned: these are not handkerchief headed Uncle Tom's in this pandemic Corona Virus era.