Rep Bruce Antone and Lawanna Gelzer Are Aggressively Pursuing Failure

BruceAntone LawannaGelzer 200Florida Rep. Bruce Antone, Lawanna Gelzer and others announce the formation of a Community task force on police use-of-force and accountability to residents. Rep. Antone opening comments focused on continuing his failure to represent the community and how he and Lawanna Gelzer will maintain the status quo.

Antone said the purpose of the press conference is to talk about police reform and accountability. He said "we are here to talk about the lack of accountability for the few bad officers, the officers that do misconduct, that do bad things."

Bruce Antone made it clear that they are not talking about de-funding the police or relocating resources. He said they are specifically focused on policy and procedure dealing with how law enforcement, police the community and the need for policy and procedure that prevent, that discourage and then provide punitive measures for officers when they do bad things.

Rep Antone knows that it is the culture of police organizations that allow and encourage officers to misbehave. Identifying and winning lawsuits against individual officers will not change the culture of the organization. Orlando Police Department is sued more, and pay out more for police misconduct than any other police organization in the nation.

Rep Antone strategy is a proven failure and he knows it and the oppressed people know it, yet he continues to pursue failure.

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 Rep. Antone talked for a few minutes more, but said nothing of relevance. He has no plan except to tweak existing flawed laws and rules that are already in place. Therefore, his plan is to maintain the status quo and to be sure that nothing changes.

Lawanna Gelzer, a well-known activist, added her two cents worth. She expressed the need to form this task force. Ms. Gelzer has been gathering data on police organizations for years but has failed to formulate a strategy for change. She continues to repeat the obvious problems but never offer a solution.

Rep Bruce Antone and Lawanna Gelzer have an understanding of the problem. Lawanna Gelzer has been gathering data for years. In his capacity as State Representative, Bruce Antone can influence change, but he won't. The two chooses not to influence change, but rather meet, march and talk about influencing change and never any real action.

Neither Rep. Bruce Antone or Lawanna Gelzer seems to be interested in solutions that help the community.