Introducing House of Timothy

Logo HseofTim 200X69The House of Timothy is a nonprofit organization that concentrates its practices and facilities towards the regeneration of men who need a second chance at work and life in a community environment. The facility operates by providing housing to these individuals as they begin their journey towards a life of renewed perspective and progress.

As a regeneration program for young men between the ages of 18 and 25, House of Timothy desires to work with each young man entrusted to us by:

Encouraging them in their spiritual, emotional, mental, social and physical growth.

Providing opportunities for them to become assets rather than liabilities--givers rather than takers.

Instilling a profound yet enthusiastic work ethic.

The House of Timothy prides itself on functioning as a family in a positive Christian environment that seeks to hold their brothers up when they've fallen, so that in this way they can mend and build the strength to provide a helping hand to the next in line.

These men have fought a hard battle to make it this far so we should not let them down now!

The House of Timothy has been recognized as an associate member with the Florida Association of Christian Child Caring Agencies (FACCCA), sponsored by 4Rivers Smokehouse, and has aired on GoodLife 45 with Barbara Beck "Welcome Home"!

By assisting the House of Timothy you are providing a second chance to young men throughout the Orlando, Orange County area. House of Timothy wants these young men to continue to have a second chance at a fresh start apart from a life stricken with drugs, addiction, and violence.

To learn more, please visit or call me directly at 407.756.2428, Willie Montague

House of Timothy
Willie J. Montague - Founder/President
P.O. Box 4348 - Orlando, FL 32802
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