Repeat: I Am Enough!

Rynette Upson BushBy Rynette Upson Bush
My journey to success has been and still is very lonely. I remember I once asked someone to help me and was told I will get with you when you got something going on. I've been told you need to quit and get something that's going to pay you some real money. Girl you should have never left your job. Over and over my journey has been criticized, ridiculed, down played, not supported, and more but that hasn't and won't stop me!

I know what I was called to do and I'm going to do it. My dreams aren't an option!! Though it may be lonely in reference to people I know I'm never really alone. God is with me and he will be with you.

I know you have heard some of this same stuff. Success is the best revenge. Even though you may not feel successful at the moment you must see it before you see it. Believe in you and stand on it!!

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Some Times You Just Gotta Let Loose

WillSmith slaps ChrisRock 220By Joycelyn Harrison Henson
A few months ago I had a horrific experience at McDonald's. I 'd placed an order via the app and when I received my order it was all wrong. But instead of correcting the order, the manager insisted that it wasn't wrong and that I'd received exactly what I ordered. The experience started in the drive thru and culminated with she and I going back and forth in the lobby of the restaurant. I was ANGRY - highly offended at the implication that I would have to lie about a McDonald's order. Near the end of the altercation, the associate told me to get my "ass" out of the store. ?? Now up until that point, I was coloring within the lines, but I took that as permission to unleash - not just about my order but about all that was bothering me at that moment in time. I did not hold back and it was not pretty. I remember telling Babs that I lost it and I prayed there were no video cameras because folks shouldn't know I even have the capacity to get like that. So I had regrets. Fortunately, I have not seen myself on a Mulberry Fights social media page.

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My Brother Was Not Jesus Christ, But He Could Walk On Water

WalterLRobinson ArmyBy Lawrence A Robinson
My second oldest brother's name is Walter L. Robinson, but we called him Baybro. Baybro is short for baby brother. After he graduated from FAMU in 1968, he enlisted in the army and soon was sent to the war zone in Viet Nam.

He survived two tours in Viet Nam, re-enlisted, was promoted and sent to Germany. His wife, Mary, joined him as an In Service Employee for the Army.

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Will You Join Us in Helping Our Friends in Haiti?

As you have probably heard, on August 14th, the nation of Haiti was hit by a powerful 7.2 earthquake that destroyed countless homes, churches, businesses and more. There are more than 2,000 known dead so far, and countless thousands more are injured or homeless. If that weren’t enough, Tropical Storm Grace came through Haiti this week causing flooding, drownings, power outages and more. May God have mercy on the people of Haiti.

One of the biggest problems that the people there face right now is the lack of clean drinkable water. This is something that WE can help with.  I am so happy that my new business partners are willing to help people in Haiti survive through this crisis without clean drinking water because their lives depend on it.

  • Just one of our Advanced Water Filtration Straws can provide safe, clean and healthy water for one person for an entire month or more
  • Just one of our Enhanced pH Filtration Bottles can provide clean, and healthy water for one person for more than 6 months.
  • Just one of our Enhanced pH Filtration Pitchers can provide safe, clean and healthy water for an entire family for more than 2 months.

We are beginning emergency shipments of Azul Beyond Water Filtration systems to Haiti right now! Will you help?

 Haiti Water Relief 1

For everything you buy from Care Beyond (either water filtration products or health & wellness products) until September 1st, we will donate water filtration to the families and children of Haiti. You can even send yours there too. Please help.

You can CLICK HERE and go online  to my website, or just call our Customer Service team for assistance at 888-804-2922 and tell them that Maud Darlene Hicks-Robinson/ID# 620682

Blessings to you and your family.
Darlene Robinson

Clare and the Chocolate Nutcracker Returns

Roger Caldwell, CEO/President
407-421-5453 (direct)
407-859-0041 (office)
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Clare and the Chocolate Nutcracker return to the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts Walt Disney Theater- Thanksgiving Weekend, Saturday, November 27th.

Chocolate Nutcracker 2021Orlando, FLA - Orlando Community Arts, Inc., and Title Sponsor, Orlando Health are proud to present the return of Clare and the Chocolate Nutcracker to the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts, Walt Disney Theater on Saturday November 27, 2021. This year’s holiday production will feature 150 children and youth from Central Florida. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the members of the cast showed true resilience by attending their weekly rehearsals at their perspective dance studios, and this year’s production will provide these youth high quality performing arts access on one of the largest stages in the region. Jere’ James, founder of Inez Patricia School of Dance provides the artistic direction along with a host of professional trained choreographers, many of whom have trained at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater.

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Orange County Code Enforcement Fines Pine Hills Homeowner $70 Thousand Dollars For Failing To Replace Garage Window

OrangeCounty LogoBy Maggie Santana
We are in Urgent Need of a General Contractor that can install 1 garage window at our home in unincorporated Orange County located in the Pine hills area. Code Enforcement of Orange County has harassed us for over 3 years on same issue and we have fixed it but not to their new standards.

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