That's No Way To Mentor a Child

GeorgeRobinsonJr      So, I remember when I was about 3 or 4 years old, I wasn't allowed to do many chores around the house. I couldn't try new things without my mom, my dad or an older sibling by my side. I remember being very young, and my brother Lorenzo, who was about 18 months older than me, took the responsibility of fixing my milk bottle while telling me how to do it. Was he mentoring me?
      I was the fifth of six siblings and still asking momma to find my other sock. Whether my needs included fixing me a sandwich or pouring me a glass of juice or pulling a splinter out of my foot, there was always momma or a sibling there to help, whether they wanted to help or not.

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Ernest Page - Political Leader and Orlando’s First Black Mayor ONYX Publisher’s Award

ErnestPage raw2“The Virtues of Fortitude and Temperance are the foundation for a happy and successful life.”

Politician, civic leader, entrepreneur, Mayor Ernest Page has been one of Orlando’s most influential leaders over the past three decades. Born in Orlando to the Rev. Edoras Page, and AME minister, and Arizona Page, he graduated from Jones High School. Page earned his bachelor’s degree at Morehouse College and completed post graduate studies at Atlanta University in mathematics and Nova University in business administration. Since then, he has been actively involved in advocating for achievement in education, civil and human rights, and social and economic justice.

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White People Allowed and Encouraged Trump

JamesDeshay BeardJames T. DeShay
It is my desire that White America does not find my comments to be racist; but it is important that I hold the right group accountable for their election choice. It is my belief that White America hated Hillary Clinton and her family so much that they were willing to throw our country in the hands of thieves. Please give me the same freedoms that White American extends to Donald Trump. 
The truth has been absent from the lips of Donald Trump, long before he was running for President of the United States. He has been allowed to say anything without there being a shred of truth. Those that support him don't require him to be honest as long as he is willing to degrade the character of his opponents. 

Why Is It Impossible To Implement Black Agenda Strategies?

bootstraps 200By Lawrence A Robinson
A larger than life issue in the Black community is our inability to implement a step by step plan to get us out of this socioeconomic mess.


We need an implementation plan. An implementation plan breaks each strategy into identifiable steps, assigns each step to one or more people and suggests when each step will be completed.

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Your History Book Arrives Weekly

Ersula Odom McLemoreBy Ersula Knox Odom
It is painful for African Americans when we realize we have been left out or written out of books and museums that tell the stories of the very communities we live and helped to build. We notice when we are not there. However, while we are waiting to be included, there is something anyone can do. We can collect tomorrow’s history today because it arrives every week in our local African American newspapers and/or magazines.
Try this – every time these publications report “a first”, clip and save it. A few years from now, your clipping becomes historic. Before you know it, you have documented a decade of black history. Frankly, I was surprised I found a couple of firsts in just a few minutes within the clippings I was processing. I learned from the Florida Sentinel Bulletinthat in June 2016, USF just graduated their first black salutatorian and first black woman to receive a Ph.D. in Applied Physics, Cristen Thomas and Jasmine A. Oliver, M.S., respectively.These articles are now a part of my “Local Firsts” collection.

What's Wrong with Syndicated Urban Radio?

Joseph Haynes Davis

Joseph Haynes Davis
With the expansion of syndication in Urban Radio formats, there is no way that you can convince me that those syndicated radio programs have helped to serve the captive audience that those programs allegedly are supposed to serve. While there may be arguments for some redeeming "entertainment" substance (or what I call "intellectual Novocain") for that programming which is necessarily disconnected to the actual communities that those syndicated shows allegedly serve (because they are not local and cannot address local community matters), the expansion of syndication in Urban Radio formats, along with the utter destruction of the licensing purposes of those Urban Radio Formats, and utter destruction of the ancillary staffing and the destruction of employment opportunities for air talent and others (college educated journalists for example) has created a devastating employment fallout as well, resulting in a continued tidal wave effect on that format and business since the Telecommunications Act of 1996 passed by Congress.
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