Fun With FireWorks

fireworksby Lawrence A. Robinson
For about 12 years now, my family would visit a friends home in Ocoee, Fl. to shoot fire works. Both on 4th of July and on New Years Eve. This outing is full of fun with grilling, and eating and conversation.

As always, neighbors shoot their fireworks also and we are all in the street just having fun. This could easily be called a street party.

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Here It Is, The Central Florida Black Agenda

BootstrappingBanner 200

by Lawrence A. Robinson
We all know, that the Black community is hurting in many areas. We lack equal housing and we are being foreclosed on more so than others. I have been told by Realtors that 7 out of 10 foreclosures in Florida, are us.

We are not being treated fairly in the justice system. I sometimes go down to the court house, and I see more of us than anyone else. We are given harsher sentences and longer sentences than anyone else. We are treated unjustly by the very police who are supposed to protect us.

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Introducing House of Timothy

Logo HseofTim 200X69The House of Timothy is a nonprofit organization that concentrates its practices and facilities towards the regeneration of men who need a second chance at work and life in a community environment. The facility operates by providing housing to these individuals as they begin their journey towards a life of renewed perspective and progress.

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Good Bye Victor, Rest In Peace

Victor TimAdamsMy good friend, Dr. Tim Adams' son, Victor Adams, transitioned this week. I have always been at a lost for words during this type of situation. What do you say when you are trying to comfort your friend and their family when they are experiencing this type of heart ache? There is nothing on earth that can take away this agony and restore joy. But, there is another source.

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Is Super Bowl Sunday A Super Duper Distraction?

My SuperBowl XXV Ticket Stub

by Lawrence A. Robinson
I loved professional football. I loved the NFL and I would watch it as much a possible. I would watch football all day on Sunday. I would watch Monday night football, and Thursday NFL specials. When football was not on TV, I would watch the talking heads talk about football.

I loved NFL football so much that every year while watching the Super Bowl game as the 4th quarter started, my feeling of depression would also start setting in because I knew that soon, it would all be over for the next six months or so. (Summer football and arena football didn't do it for me.)

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The Truth About Chad Cronon

ChadCrononby Lawrence A. Robinson
I met Attorney Chad Cronon via a phone call that I placed to him late one evening. At the time, I was the leader of a support team for the Regina Hill candidacy for Orlando City Commissioner District 5 and we needed an attorney to file and injunction against Juan Lynum.

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