Domestic Violence Ain't No Joke

Domestic Abuse - Tiffany Baldwinby Tiffany Baldwin
Domestic violence is becoming worst and worst these days! If you haven't been through it you would never understand! To have a weakness and not love yourself enough to get out is frightening! To think a man loves you after he treats you like scum and disrespect you in front of family and friends is sickening! It happens it happened to me!

I had everything going for me but what I thought I wanted the most was what hurt me the most! My loyalty went unnoticed, my respect went unnoticed, my love went unnoticed. Everything that made me be the beautiful person I am was slowly being verbally or physically taken away from me!

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I disassociated myself, settled, accepted things that today, I wouldn't dare! Cut family and friends off for someone who didn't care about me. Naive lil me thought it was love! How silly was I? Very! I was faithful to a person who cheated with friends, neighbors, made passes at people I cared for! Just a typical dog ass Niger!

I loved every inch of him until the Lord woke me up, sad to say, years later. I rebuilt my self-esteem and confidence found out my worth and I'm so in love with me and my growth. I wouldn't dare accept this type of behavior ever again!

I'm free from it all! We fall weak and play victim to these type relationships but we have total control to get out, but you have to want out! I did and I'm free! It went from physical to verbal throughout the years because jail scared him halfway straight!

After a bust lip, strangulation's, broken bone under my eye, multiple bruises do you know I still took the guy back was haunchin him 2 weeks later after all that! Weak yes I was! Dumb, lost, a lot of things! I just can't see how I stayed! I loved that man deeply and all he ever did was tare me down and I just couldn't see it!

I didn't love myself enough! I could have anybody but I stayed and for some reason a lot of us do! I'm just grateful that I got tired and God answered my prayers! I'm free!

I turned to drugs and alcohol to escape the hurt and pain. Digging deeper holes for myself! Half of me wanted to die the other half said you got so much more to live for. God said, 'Tiffany you are better and you deserve better!'

Women are much more likely to be victims of intimate partner violence with 85 percent of domestic abuse victims being women and 15 percent men.

The physical abuse stopped but the verbal kept going! I just couldn't take it! So I shut these legs got busy in my own life stopped drugging start praying reading my word being obedient and let the Lord use me for whatever he wanted to use me for! I've allowed the devil to hinder me and take me off my path one too many times but NO MORE!

Domestic violence is real and it's really tough to go through! I thought I'd never allow that to happen to me but I did! I would advise anyone that's going through it or know someone that is, get OUT!

I could've been dead but God saw fit to keep me so I can live to give someone else life! This is why I go hard because I got a second chance and I don't plan on wrecking this time! I have daughters and there's no way a man should lift his hand to hit a woman ever! Not like this! I forgive but I will never forget!

This has allowed me to find my strengths and my worth! I thank God for sheltering me and keeping me because I was weak but I am so 'Ford Tough' right now and forever grateful for change! You live, you learn, you grow!

You never know how you'll handle a situation until you're facing it! Get out of a domestic violence relationship. It really doesn't get any better! They'll substitute the punches for horrible words! Too many lives being lost to this kind of abuse. Get out, get free before its too late!

I just opened up and I hope this helps someone. I'm a beautiful 37 year old mother of four and I handle my business and have my own! I continued on and obtained my cosmetology license, business license, and I'm working on another license as we speak. Ill keep ya'll posted when I past the test!

I'm speaking out helping others aiming to be better than that naive lil girl I once was! There is so much more when you love yourself unconditionally and don't let nothing or anyone change you!

Stay true to yourself and pay attention to how a man treats his mom, aunt, sisters, and you! If he is disrespectful to women, even strangers, he'll more than likely be abusive to you.

Just be careful because these guys hide there feelings and emotions well until they snap! I knew mine for years. We were friends first and I just never knew until he showed me! He covered up that ill side very well until he snapped!

Well its been real I hope my story helps someone! God Bless!

The National Domestic Violence Hotline | Statistics