My Lover Killed Me

Yolanda Garvin Williamsby Regina Garvin-Buckley
12 years ago, June 8, 2009. I earned my wings. My name is Yolanda Garvin and this is my story told by my sister Regina Buckley.

That dreadful Monday morning in the parking lot of Parrish Medical Center, my place of employment. I was shot 7 times. All the shots were my upper body. His intent was to kill me and he did. That moment, my life ended and the lives of so many others were turned upside down.

I was mentally, emotionally and sexually abused. He degraded me, he talked about me being overweight, and he stripped me of all of my power. I began to question my self-worth, self-confidence, and my true purpose in life.

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I knew Tim Adams before I met Tim Adams

TimAdamsI knew Tim Adams before I met Tim Adams. My oldest brother, George Robinson Jr., and Tim Adams met when both were students at Bethune Cookman College back in the early sixties. They became friends way back then and George would talk about him sometimes.

Years later, after I graduated college and moved to Orlando I heard about Tim because of his high profile generated by his political and social activities. I was talking to George and mentioned Tim's activism and we talked for a few minutes about Tim. I knew Tim before I met Tim.

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Yeah, You Still Black

GeraldineThompson son 201By Geraldine Thompson - Florida House of Representatives
My middle child is a son. He grew up in House District 44 and graduated from West Orange High School where he was Class President. He is college educated, a professional, a husband and a father. He has no criminal record and works to improve the lives of people in the community where he lives.

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Why Are Mayor's Jerry Demings and Buddy Dyer Limiting COVID-19 Testing In Black Communities?

JerryDemings 100 BuddyDyer tan100

By Lawrence A Robinson
It is all over the media that Black people have higher mortality rates than others for COVID-19. The most vulnerable are the elderly, as well as people with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory illness, high blood pressure and cancer, are at increased risk for serious illness from the Corona Virus. It is well known that a very high percentage of the Black population has these medical conditions. So why would Mayor Demings and Mayor Dyer limit Corona Virus testing in the Black community?

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