Questioning Janice Dickinson Rape Story

Janice Dickerson Bill Cosby, photo property of TMZby LaDonna Smith
I have read this account amongst other headlines regarding Mr. Cosby and I have a problem with her story ,here's why:

The pictures were put out I guess to validate her account and the writer of the accompanying article suggests that she took the pictures as she was slipping into the unconsciousness.

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Feeling Excited

Linda Haylesby Linda Hayles
Several months ago I allowed a couple of people in my life all the freedom in the world. As a friend or partner... I can be a bit smothering... Yep... I said that. It didn't hurt me or bother me to do that, at all. However, when I allowed them that freedom...

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Magic Group Sales

by Eddie Cole
So many times we read, see or hear of young black men not doing anything with themselves. Every coin has another side. I am so fortunate in my line of work to see a side of young black men that you don't hear much about.

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Lyndon B. Johnson: The First Sitting President To Visit Orlando and Jones High Band Was There

LyndonJohnson at ColonialPlazaMallby Doug Head
FIFTY YEARS AGO THIS WEEK, the key Presidential election of 1964 was coming to a head, right here in Orlando. President Lyndon Johnson came to town. Lyndon Johnson had 'betrayed" the South in the views of many by forcefully advocating for the Civil Rights act of 1964 and pushing it through congress over the filibusters and procedural moves of Southern Democrats. Worse still, in the views of Southern conservatives, he was talking about implementing "Medicare" for the elderly and other things viewed as "socialistic" in Orlando of that time. Barry Goldwater had been reduced to talking about how he was opposed to the "extremism" of the John Birch Society and the Klan, and how the Johnson administration was corrupt, (his big evidence was that Johnson had a gay aide who had been outed in a DC park). It was clear that Goldwater was losing, but would Johnson carry Florida?

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You're The Purpose Of My Existence

Existenceby Author James DeShay

As I open my eyes to this new day
my thoughts continue to be filled
with the joy of you in my life. It is
easy to see the smile that I display
so brightly is created by you.


I am now in search of ways to create
the same smile in your being; so that
the gift you have given to me can be
a blessing to you. My future steps will
be committed to finding my place in your

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Home Buyers Workshop

Community Announcement: Another Free Monthly First Time Home Buyer Workshop
Purchasing a home can be overwhelming at times. Especially, if you do not know the first thing about buying, lending, location, shopping for the best team of professionals, and etc.

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