Orange County Code Enforcement Fines Pine Hills Homeowner $70 Thousand Dollars For Failing To Replace Garage Window

OrangeCounty LogoBy Maggie Santana
We are in Urgent Need of a General Contractor that can install 1 garage window at our home in unincorporated Orange County located in the Pine hills area. Code Enforcement of Orange County has harassed us for over 3 years on same issue and we have fixed it but not to their new standards.

The window was not professionally installed and now they require a permit which we can not obtain since we are not the deceased owners name. We have struggled to pay for probate as this house was left to my fiancé 6 years ago when his granny passed away.

Since Covid and stimulus, we have been able to secure an attorney willing to work with us on a payment plan and we have already made the down payment.

So to speed things up Code Enforcement files a Judgment in 2020 for the same window and is charging us a $100 a day fine and now totals $70 thousand dollars. They will not honor the Court Recorded Will, that names my fiancé as Personal Representative of the Estate in order to correct the issues and pull a permit as the owner.

Code Enforcement were the ones that instructed us to get his name as personal rep on the c/o line on Address for property appraiser office and now they will not accept our permit application.

They did inform us however we can hire a General Contractor to put in a whole new window but neglected to tell us giving us only 1 week before court. We found a good window at Lowes that will qualify and now we just need a General Contractor to pull the permit and install.

I have already drew the site plan drawing. We have already gone to court this past Monday. They are proceeding to Foreclosure for this 1 Garage Window. I repeat 1 window. Now FYI they know this house has NO mortgage and they neglected to file the judgment for 2 years and now file for Foreclosure.

This property has increased by damn near over 100k in 2 years. This was calculated and pure intentional. They waited till about a week before the pre-foreclosure hearing to tell us just hire a contractor cause pretty much we are NOT going to allow you to pull a permit regardless if you are the Personal Representative or not.

So now we ask for help from our Community. I believe this is a platform where we can be heard. We pray that we can remedy this situation swiftly before we become the next gentrification victims.

     Maggie Santana is on permanent disability. Ozzie Sinkler, Maggie’s fiance’ and the rightful owner of the home, was laid off last year from hospitality industry and is on unemployment which is soon to run dry.
      Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or you can contact Ozzie Sinkler (407) 549-6076. Please help pay legal fees and Code Enforcement fines and let’s slow down Orange County gentrification. - Link to GoFundMe help --