Some Times You Just Gotta Let Loose

WillSmith slaps ChrisRock 220By Joycelyn Harrison Henson
A few months ago I had a horrific experience at McDonald's. I 'd placed an order via the app and when I received my order it was all wrong. But instead of correcting the order, the manager insisted that it wasn't wrong and that I'd received exactly what I ordered. The experience started in the drive thru and culminated with she and I going back and forth in the lobby of the restaurant. I was ANGRY - highly offended at the implication that I would have to lie about a McDonald's order. Near the end of the altercation, the associate told me to get my "ass" out of the store. ?? Now up until that point, I was coloring within the lines, but I took that as permission to unleash - not just about my order but about all that was bothering me at that moment in time. I did not hold back and it was not pretty. I remember telling Babs that I lost it and I prayed there were no video cameras because folks shouldn't know I even have the capacity to get like that. So I had regrets. Fortunately, I have not seen myself on a Mulberry Fights social media page.

Why am I sharing this story? Because while I believe in my heart of hearts that Will Smith was wrong for assaulting Rock, I also know what it is like to lose it in public and and have regrets. As I read these social media posts, commentaries and comments folks are assassinating his whole character - even after the apology. Now that is a bit much. Truth be told, up until then he had tried really hard to deposit a great deal of positive energy into this world. And at this point all he can do is apologize, which he has done.

So I am giving him some grace - like I had to give myself. And I believe that a whole lot of residents of GLASS HOUSES should do so as well. He was wrong. He apologized. If you still rock with him (pun intended) - fine. If you don't, I think he will still be fine. But why keep kicking a man when he is down? Further, I am sure Rock wishes the story would die down too, as I am sure he is trying to heal as well.

I wrote McDonald's a couple of long letters after that incident and I was honest about how I showed out; because despite my regrets about my own behavior, I was still incensed by the implication that I would lie about 2 cups of orange juice. ?? McDonald's Corporate and the manager of that McDonald's apologized to me. I didn't accept the customer recovery coupons but I still frequent there. I know that memory of my behavior still resides in the minds of those who were there that day and that too is unfortunate because that is not who I am or how I want to be remembered. But all I can do at this point is try to be a better me.