Fun With FireWorks

fireworksby Lawrence A. Robinson
For about 12 years now, my family would visit a friends home in Ocoee, Fl. to shoot fire works. Both on 4th of July and on New Years Eve. This outing is full of fun with grilling, and eating and conversation.

As always, neighbors shoot their fireworks also and we are all in the street just having fun. This could easily be called a street party.


We would arrive before the sunset to give us time to enjoy each others company while eating from a

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table full of food.

Every gathering, I would lead the chorus of, "uhhh's" as the fire works goes up, and 'ahhhs' as they burst in the air. The host's son, who is now 20 years old, ask me to lead the chorus again tonight, as he has for the last 11 years. He got so much enjoyment out of that, when he was 8 years old.

There is usually 20 to 25 people attending with a wide age range. This year, there must have been 10 of us that were a little older and we sat up near the house after the sunset to watch the fire works being set off in the street.

As the 'older group' sat there out front talking and having fun, a multi headed rocket bursting streaker, tilted over and aimed at us after it was fired up.

It hit a small stump in the yard which stopped it's direct forward motion. However, it was out of control and when the mini rockets fire up, they were going everywhere. Us 'old folk' was ducking for cover. I didn't know that I could still move like that.

That was a very, very exciting 5 seconds. No one was hit directly by the rockets, but some of us will be hurting tomorrow from the jumping and diving and just trying to get out of the way.

Ya'll be careful out there.

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