Can You See Through The Clouds of Despair?

CloudsOfDespairby James DeShay
Allow the light to broaden your ability to see beyond what exist right in front of you.
To help you see the world in a fashion that will create an environment of love.

Don't allow the darkness to have a place in your life to a degree that light is unable to shine on those things that bring endearment to humanity.
Focus on the need to impact the world and fill it with possibilities.

Refuse to let the shadows of evil grow roots in your heart; not permitting you to embrace the love available to you from the hearts of others. 

Gain a full understanding of the value of love and the impact it can have on our future.

The fate of our world is the hands of those who see through the clouds of despair.
Connecting with the love that exist in the heart of the masses.
Bringing a more humane direction to the lives of us all.

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