Why Are Mayor's Jerry Demings and Buddy Dyer Limiting COVID-19 Testing In Black Communities?

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By Lawrence A Robinson
It is all over the media that Black people have higher mortality rates than others for COVID-19. The most vulnerable are the elderly, as well as people with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory illness, high blood pressure and cancer, are at increased risk for serious illness from the Corona Virus. It is well known that a very high percentage of the Black population has these medical conditions. So why would Mayor Demings and Mayor Dyer limit Corona Virus testing in the Black community?

 Here is an article announcing new community mobile testing sites.
'To better serve residents during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Florida Department of Health in Orange County is partnering with Orange County Government and the City of Orlando to offer free, mobile testing sites throughout the county.'

'No symptom criteria for testing, however, appointments are required and individuals must be 18 years and older. Testing activities will sustain as long as supplies last.'

'Individuals can walk to the drive-through testing sites; however, they must have an official appointment provided by the Call Center. We ask individuals with an appointment to arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before their scheduled time.'

Here is the link to article:5-new-mobile-covid-19-testing-sites-opening-for-orange-county-residents

Demings and Dyer are placing these mobile testing sites in Corona Virus hot spots. Unfortunately, they are not limiting access too only the local residents who need to be tested, but are allowing anyone from anywhere in Orange County access to limited hot spot test kits. And, since these are 'hot spots,' should there be permanent testing sites instead of mobile sites?

Demings and Dyer said that anyone from Orange County can get an appointment to use these sites. The marginalize residents who live in these 'hot spots' lack transportation and will have issues walking to the site and standing in the weather waiting to get tested. People from other areas can get an appointment, drive over to the mobile testing site, wait in the comfort of their car and get tested at the expense of the local 'hot spot' population. The 'appointment protocol' will guarantee that people who live outside of the area, will be tested using these limited testing kits.

If the purpose is to test these specific 'hot spot' areas and quarantine the infected people, and use the data to determine the need in those areas, why are they allowing people from other areas to dilute the testing data? The data will be skewed and the results will be unreliable. The result's may show fewer people infected and Demings and Dyer will cut the testing in the Black areas. This is the kind of tactical logic that both Demings and Dyers use to ignore the marginalize communities.

They mentioned that these testing sites are free. So, are there any testing sites that residents have to pay? Is there a plan to demand fees for this service later? Just wondering if these statements are designed to scare marginalize residents to stay away, instead of statements that will reassure them and offer hope for the future.

And, why are appointments required in the Black community? Appointments are not required at other testing sites, are they? Seem like appointments are required so that people from other areas can get tested in the hot spots, which will actually skew the data. We will never know the correct percentage of those with symptoms or those with the virus.
Central Florida Black people get screwed again by Mayor Demings and Mayor Dyer.