White People Allowed and Encouraged Trump

JamesDeshay BeardJames T. DeShay
It is my desire that White America does not find my comments to be racist; but it is important that I hold the right group accountable for their election choice. It is my belief that White America hated Hillary Clinton and her family so much that they were willing to throw our country in the hands of thieves. Please give me the same freedoms that White American extends to Donald Trump. 
The truth has been absent from the lips of Donald Trump, long before he was running for President of the United States. He has been allowed to say anything without there being a shred of truth. Those that support him don't require him to be honest as long as he is willing to degrade the character of his opponents. 
We now find ourselves less than three months into his presidency with the FBI and other governmental organizations investigating his administration. Donald Trump is a rich man that believes he is out of reach of the rules of law. Donald has faith in his personal system of right and wrong. He is truly amoral. Anyone that believes they are beyond being wrong can't be trusted. 
It is now up to White America to watch without slumber the tracks of the Donald Trump's Administration. White America can't give Donald Trump a pass. The people of America must have faith in the system regardless of who is the president. He and his administration should not be allowed to break laws in order for White America to save face. Please be willing to take your punishment for turning your back on the Constitution of America. 
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