Fight Back or Go Home!

Fight back or go home 2

 By James DeShay
After confirmation of Betsy DeVos as secretary of Education; White American is sending people of color a stern message. We will elect who we want regardless if they are qualified or not. We will make all decisions in the best interest of the GOP. We are prepared to hurt those who can fight back and will sacrifice the weak of our on race.
No longer are the concerns of people of color a concern of the White America Agenda. The focus will now be on making White America happy again. White America has decided that its concern will be front and center; no longer will it share the fruits of the country with those of color. 

The children of the public school system will be sacrificed. Their future is being put in the hands of White Supremacist; who believe that education is for the rich, the famous and the privilege. The vote showed that reality will be determined by those that believe in turning back the hands of time. The black community has been served notice. Get ready to fin for yourself!
People of color get ready to fight or throw up your hands. Get ready to take off your gloves or walk lock step with the movement of White America. If we don't flip the script during midterm elections we will be behind the eight ball for an additional two to six years. The madness must be stopped; but it can't be by White America. White American will gain to much from the demise of political power of people of color.
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