The Sad Thing About Aramis Ayala, Randolph Bracy and Natalie Jackson Competing For The Same Office, Is...

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By Lawrence A Robinson
The sad thing about Aramis Ayala, Randolph Bracy and Natalie Jackson competing for the same political office is that only one could win. Wouldn't it be great, if we could change the rules for instances like this? Instances where there are three phenomenal candidates for the same office we should be able to cancel the election and make room for all three in Congress. Otherwise, we may lose two of them forever.

If past local election activity can forecast future activity, Black candidate history indicates that after an election, the candidates that didn't win will probably drop out of sight for awhile and take their supporters with them which will set the winner on a path filled with unnecessary struggle or even failure.

Recent political history shows that competing Black candidates don't debate the issues but they debate personalities. They don't debate strategies to change the status-quo nor will they debate specific sustainable ways to improve living standards in the Black community.

Debating real stuff is too hard and way too complex. But, they will waste their time throwing shade about something their opponent was involved in a decade ago. This type of activity all too often drives a wedge between opposing candidate tribes. So when the campaigning is over and the election is done, there is little communication between camps. The candidates don't talk to each other and their supporters gang up against the winner. So the community loses.

That's shameful.

Maybe this time will be different. Aramis Ayala, Randolph Bracy and Natalie Jackson are all top tier citizens, superior community advocates and phenomenal communicators. They are all driven to make our community better and they have all stuck their necks out and opened themselves up to ridicule. They are all three, still standing and still pushing forward. There is no doubt that all three candidates love and respect each other as much as they love this community.

There is a need to change the traditional trajectory of candidate's supporters. We need all of the supporters and each of these candidates to fully support the winner when this contest is over. The candidates support each other's vision and goals. The smart debates will be about creating a path to the goal that the community could get behind, rather than foolishness and destruction of our leaders.

We gotta do this. Let's all go into this campaign knowing that the community wins if we can keep the bond together past ballot day no matter which one of these three is victorious. This election opens a tremendous opportunity for Black politicians to lead the Black community and take control of our own destiny.

Let's make this a clean fight. And when it's over, let's gather in the middle of the ring raise our fist and declare unity.