If you always do, What you always did... STOP IT

BlackPoliticsIf you always do
What you always did
You will always get
What you always got

We voters have always saw competing candidates as winner and loser. The loser's hope for a political future was almost always destroyed. The voters lose a good candidate forever just because he or she came in second place. The community lose what could have been a great future leader.

Stop It! Let's change our Black politics up a little.

If we want something
That we never had
We got to do something
That we never did

Instead of having a winner and loser in a political campaign, let's have first and second place winners. Let's support the second place winner and put them in another position and elevate our first place winner to new heights. We will grow more leaders in numbers and abilities. Our community will unite and we will all win.

Let's encourage Regina Hill to run for Mayor of Orlando by voting for Shaniqua Rose as Commissioner for District 5.

Let's do something different.