The Federalist Society, Champions Of Dark Money Politics

JuryBoxBy Lawrence A Robinson
The Federalist Society laid out a scheme 40 years ago that is designed to capture and control the Supreme Court. You know what, they have won. Every member of the courts 6 justice republican majority is a current or former member of the Federalist Society. These justices regularly headline Federalist Society Fundraisers.

They raise money to put even more Federalist members in as judges and in control of our judicial system around the country. Florida is a hot spot for these schemers. This is good for the wealthy. This is not good for the rest of us. This is not good at all.

Watch this short video of Mr. Sheldon Whitehouse, a Senator from Rhode Island talks about the Federalist Society scheme. Then consider candidates that are campaigning to sit in the court rooms big chair.

Dark money continues to seep into executive, legislative, and judicial elections, threatening the impartiality of state supreme courts across the country. Without transparency, voters don't know who is trying to influence them, making it harder for them to reach informed decisions.

The Brennan Center publishes extensive research on the effects of dark money in politics, including its effects in state and local elections, risks to judicial independence, and the threat of foreign funds in U.S. elections. The center has proposed reforms to the Federal Elections Committee that would help the agency better enforce the law and improve campaign spending transparency.

Check out all the judicial candidates that are running to be retained. Choose wisely.