Is the Black Media Educating the Community in Florida’s Primary?

RogerCaldwell 200The mid-term election in 2022 will be extremely important to Black people, and people of color in America. Voting is our voice, and voting is power. But in 2022 voting has become a popularity contest, and there appears to be fewer forums about platforms and issues.

In 2020, there were over 150 million Americans who voted in the president election, and this was the largest number in the history of the country to vote. Americans should be proud of this accomplishment, but some of the Republicans are calling the election illegitimate and President Biden did not win.

Even though this is a “big lie” some Americans believe this fabrication. There is a dark side in the country in politics, and many are focused on negativity and anger. Democracy is being challenged every day and President Biden’s poll numbers are low between 38 and 41%.

Americans forget the condition the country was in with over 20 million Americans on unemployment, and they were in double digits. But in one year and a half, there are now only one million on unemployment, and the president has created 8.3 million new jobs.

This has been a job record setting administration never accomplished in the history of the country. The administration has helped pass a bipartisan infrastructure bill to fix roads and bridges, lowered child poverty with a tax credit, and hired the most diversity in any presidential administration. President Biden has also initiated a 1.9 trillion bipartisan Covid relief deal, and united 30 NATO countries.

There is sunshine in a cloudy day, and with all the negativity in America, there is still success and positivity in the Biden administration and in our Democracy.

As a citizen in Florida, it appears that the Republicans are in control in Tallahassee, and it does not matter if you vote if you are a Democrat. But, many Democratic Floridians have forgotten that Ex-Mayor Gillum lost by 35,000 votes and Governor DeSantis can be beat. If Ex-Mayor Gillum lost by only 35,000 votes, the next Democratic candidate for governor can win by 35,000.

This will not be an easy task, because the governor’s war chest has over $100 million ready to do battle. The Republicans and conservatives all over the country consider Governor DeSantis a leader, and they support his positions on limiting voter rights.

The Republicans in Florida appear organized with Governor DeSantis as their leader, and the Democrats in Florida appear disorganized and fighting each other with no clear agenda.

At this year’s annual Democratic Party leadership Conference, there was a governor’s debate, and Commissioner Nikki Fried spent at times during the debate tearing Candidate Crist down.

By taking this position by the two leaders in the party created an atmosphere of animosity in the party, and this can be destructive.

With all this confusion at the top level, it makes it harder on the candidates on a local level. With there being one month left before the primary election, the question must be raised, “Where is the Black Media during the confusion?”

During this primary there have been very few debates or political forums. Many Blacks and people of color have no idea of what candidates are running for office. Not only do voters not know who is running for office, but many of the districts have changed with voter map reorganization.

In one district there are ten Democrats running, and five Republicans running. When you vote in the primary, it is easy to get confused. The Black media has a responsibility to educate the community but everyone has the same problems, limited finances.

At the top of the political chain the governor candidates have millions of dollars to spend, but at the bottom the candidates are taking out personal loans and left in debt. When the Black media is not able to educate the community on who is running for office, the community stays home.

Will the best person for the position win, or will the person with the most money and the most popularity, win the primary?