A Candidate with Integrity Will Get the Job Done - Allie Braswell

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AllieBraswell 4A Candidate with Integrity Will Get the Job Done - Allie Braswell

Winter Garden Fl. – It is vote time in House District 45, and integrity and Democracy is on the ballot. Everyone running for office has made mistakes, and where you start is not where you are today. Today, Allie Braswell is now a Senior Vice-President of a major company, and he is a small business owner. Candidate Braswell has spent his entire career in leadership and volunteer roles, and the choice is extremely clear in the Florida House District 45 Election of 2022.

Allie would get the job done, beginning with his career in the U.S. Marine Corps for 12 years. His volunteer work in the community reflects the values which has positively driven his career. He firmly believes in helping others find their purpose and see their potential.

In this election, Braswell’s opponent agrees and believes in the political stunts Governor DeSantis does, even if the actions are detrimental to the state. Insurance companies’ cost have doubled and tripled in our property, automotives, and businesses and the Governor appears to only be concerned with his presidential campaign.

As a Democrat Candidate Braswell understands that to be successful in one of the most affluent Districts in Florida; he must be flexible and work across the aisle. Walt Disney is the largest employer in the state, and it will take common sense to resolve issues with the Reedy Creek District.

Reproductive freedom will be a major issue in the state and Candidate Braswell believes that women and their doctor should make the decisions about abortions, and their bodies. There is an affordable housing crisis in Florida, and Mr. Braswell believes that there should be special incentives to help construction companies be profitable building affordable housing..

There are no quick fixes in Florida, and there is a shortage of teachers and our legislatures must make teaching a profession that everyone will aspire to become. Candidate Braswell will invest in public schools, improve the infrastructure, and work to stop gun violence.

Vote for Allie Braswell House District 45, starting with early voting on October 24th or come on November 8th to vote. Thank you for your support, and your vote. Learn more about his campaign at BraswellForFlorida.com.