Will Republicans/Democrats take Back Power the Mid-Term Elections?

RogerCaldwell When you read this article the 2022 mid-terms elections will be completed, and there will still be counting of ballots. The pollsters think the Republicans will be in control and in power. This is American political speculation, and it is following the polls and pundits.

The polls are not always right, but the political pundits and experts agree that Ex-President Trump has held more rallies than any other ex-president in the history of America. The concept of “Make America Great Again- MAGA” has changed the reality of politics in America. Evangelicals have led the MAGA political Christian movement, and it continues to expand and grow.

Within this movement there are many different elements, and the philosophy is built around the 2nd amendment with the right to bear arms. The right to bear arms could include pistols, rifles, machine guns, hand grenades and tanks.

Many believe that Ex-President Trump is a spiritual savior, whose goal is to save the destruction and extinction of the White race.

“House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy says Republicans will move America in a new direction toward a future that is built on freedom. We watch their attacks on defunding the police, crime, how they dealt with the border, and then we just watched no accountability of what is going on,” says McCarthy.

Many Democrats think the Republicans don’t have a plan, but McCarthy is calling it, “Commitment to America.” This plan will make the economy strong to tackle inflation and make energy independent, so Americans can fill up their tank with money left over.

It is obvious that this is a promise and it has nothing to do with execution and integrity. During this election season the Republicans sound as if everything will fall in place when they take over the majority in the House and the Senate.

The Fox News Power Ranking is forecasting that the Republicans will take control or the House with a 19 seat majority with a gain of 23 seats, of the 236 total House seats. The forecast for the Senate is a toss-up and either Party could win.

The major focus in this election cycle in 2022 is crime, inflation and the economy. It does not matter if inflation is all over the world; any problem in the country is a result of President Biden’s administration. Many of the radical Republicans believe the”Big Lie” and Biden lost the election.

Many Americans don’t know what to believe, and many may not vote because everyone is not telling the truth. Many Americans believe their vote does not count, but your vote is your voice. Get help, ask questions, educate yourself, and show up and vote.

If you know in your heart that Trump has lied thousands of times, you must vote Democrat. All women have a right to be angry because after 50 years Roe v Wade was overturned and Republican legislators and Supreme Court judges took away control of women making decision concerning their own bodies.

With the power of women, the power of people of color (includes the Black Vote), and the power of the youth vote, Democrats will stay in power as the majority. President Biden has a 45% job approval rating, and the big guns, such as Ex-President Obama has been all over the country- GOTV.

Make the right choice and vote down the ballot and vote Democrat. The Black vote matters, your vote is your voice, show up and vote.