Protect Our Freedoms, and Our Vote


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Rosalyn Clark
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January 6 2023 marks two years since the Jan. 6 Attack.

The purpose is To Protect "Our Freedoms, and Our Vote"

Events Nationwide Demand Accountability and Broad Democracy Reforms

WHAT: Weeks after voters widely repudiated the most prominent election deniers at the polls
driven by deep concern over the state of democracy, people across the U.S. will rally in
observance of the two-year mark since the attack on the U.S. Capitol to prevent a peaceful
transfer of power.

A rally in Orlando will be part of events nationwide to push for accountability to prevent future
power grabs by former U.S. President Donald Trump and his allies, and to tell elected leaders
to act on a mandate for democracy reforms to protect our freedom to vote.

The event comes as Trump and extreme Republican politicians continue to spread false claims
about the 2020 election results and undermine our Constitution, and prepare to launch a sham
investigation into the January 6 committee so that they can stay in power to push their
unpopular agenda: to destroy reproductive rights, steal our social security and our Medicare,
and stop our ability to access affordable higher education, address the climate crisis, or
prevent gun violence, among others.

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WHO: Equal Ground, Founder Mrs Jasmine Burney -Clark

WHEN: January 6th @ 5:30 PM for the Mix and Mingle

WHERE: Lake Lona Doone Park

1519 West Church St
Orlando Florida
Right by Camping World