No City Wide Audit, Com'on Ocoee Mayor Rusty Johnson, Surely You Can Do Better

OperationAudit 2By Lawrence A Robinson
Jennifer Yon owner of The Jennifer Yon Agency had a little chat with Ocoee Mayoral Candidate Commissioner George Oliver. This conversation took place a few weeks ago. This video has been edited to fit the time requirements.

Commissioner George Oliver talks about operational audits and Ocoee's lack of ever having done one in about 100 years.

Commissioner Oliver is very passionate about accountability. He believes the citizens of Ocoee should be able to trust the folk in City Hall. The city of Ocoee is almost 100 years old and has never had an Operational Audit.

Commissioner Oliver explains why an audit is so important for local governments.
An Audit is the mechanism that provides reassurance to the community in which it serves about the veracity of the accounts. An audit in the City of Ocoee can provide credibility to financial statements as well as give the city resident's confidence that the accounts are true and fair. An audit can also help improve the systems and build a stronger future.

A public audit is designed to provide objective and unbiased assessments of whether resources and tax dollars are spent in reason and managed to achieve intended results.

Commissioner Oliver went on to explain what an audit means in local government.
An accountability audit evaluates whether a local government has adhered to applicable state laws, regulations and its own policies and procedures. We audit records to ensure public funds are accounted for and controls are in place to protect public resources from misappropriation and misuse.

George Oliver has been a Commissioner in Ocoee for about five years and has challenged and talked to Ocoee Mayor, Rusty Johnson many times about the audit. Mayor Rusty Johnson finally decided to have the audit. But, he never funded it, and therefore the audit never happened. Is Rusty Johnson trying to hide something?

Where is the trust? Where is the transparency? Apparently, there are some things that Mayor Rusty Johnson don't want the citizens of Ocoee to know about.

There needs to be a new leader in city hall. Commissioner George Oliver has said that one of the first things he would do is to schedule and fund a city-wide Operational Audit.

We need George Oliver for Mayor of Ocoee, Fl.