Orange County Commission Step Up Gentrification Of Parramore

Orange County Board of CommissionersMike Cantone addresses the Orange County Commission on October 22, 2013, regarding the Venues proposal and funding for a new Major League Soccer stadium downtown which will continue to gentrify and displace historic Parramore.

This meeting took place the day after Orlando City Council member Daisy Lynum, ran her Big Tent NAACP Circus during the Orlando City Council meeting.

Ms. Daisy made sure that the Orange County NAACP didn't organize the residents against the soccer stadium.

This meeting of the Orange County Commissioners, like the Orlando City Council meeting which addressed the new soccer stadium, ignored the wishes of the people. Both Central Florida Governments failed the people that they are elected to serve.

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Mike Cantone was very clear when he stated the wishes of the people and the studies that suggests that a major league soccer team would most likely fail in Central Florida.

The Orange County Commissioners ignored the wishes of the people. The board of commissioners have failed the county, once again.

Here is a video of Mike Cantone presentation during the commissioners meeting.  

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