Finally, A Black Agenda That I Can Believe In

Front 200X279by Lawrence A. Robinson
So last Thursday I made the two hour trip to Alachua County, Fl. to meet with some Pam Keith super supporters. This group is super fired up in their support of Pam Keith's run for the US Senate to replace Marco Rubio.


We met at the home of Edward Cason. Edward Cason is the President of ' Cason and Cason Group for Quality Change' which is a community support group that works for the betterment of all persons. Edward Cason is also Precinct Chairman 41 for the Alachua County Democrats. He was very instrumental in helping Charles Goston get elected Gainesville City Commission District 1 two years ago. That was when I took note of him and started following him on FaceBook.

Charles Goston was at the meeting also, albeit not in person but on the phone as he was scheduled to go into Chambers for a council meeting. He invited me to meet with him at Gainesville City Hall to talk about Keith's campaign strategy if I had time before I left the county. Unfortunately, I didn't have the time but I will return.

Others at the meeting included James Mayberry Jr., who is a successful businessman. Horace Moore, Esq.

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who some say has the most brilliant legal mind in Alachua County, was present by phone. And Maxine Edwards was present. Maxine holds an office in the Alachua County Democrat Precinct 41 also.

The meeting was very informative and I learned a lot. The issues that Black are having in Alachua County are almost identical to the issues that we are having in Orange County. It seems they are using the same play book while trying to maintain the status quo.

We talked about the general campaign stuff but then turned our attention to ways to solve specific issues within the Black community.

I had read Pam Keith's campaign platform months ago and I remember being impressed with her special attention to Black issues. She is not afraid to talk about Black issues and will look for real sustainable solutions for those problems.

I was invited to a special meeting held at the Frontline Outreach several weeks ago, where she and her core team explained her vision. I was impressed.

A part of her vision had little to do with politics but more with fixing the part of the community that needed more help, Black and brown people.

If the Black and brown population is 30% to 50%, (depend of who is counting), then it stands to reason that fixing economic opportunity, the educational system, police and criminal justice systems, and infrastructure of that population then we will simultaneously fix up to 50% of societies problems.

Does that make sense? It does to me.
It just so happens that Pam Keith would be passing through Central Florida on her way to Jacksonville on Friday. I asked if we could meet. We met at a Starbucks out near the Orlando International Airport at 3:30 on Friday afternoon. The traffic getting there was horrible.

We talked a little about the campaign and some general issues. I talked to her about the need for a step by step plan to fix the Black and brown communities. There have been meeting after town hall meeting after marches on city hall. What is the next step? Where is the 'next step plan'?

Is there a guarantee that says when we accomplish a goal, that goal can not be taken away as easily as Governor Rick Scott took away the X - felons civil rights after previous Governor Charlie Crist granted those right. How can we make sure that a win, is a permanent win and can't be rescinded by the next governor or the next president?

Pam got up from her chair an brought back a hand full of post card sized flyers. The front of the card named an organization, 'The Florida Black Leadership Agenda Coalition.' There is a website listed, but not yet available.

More information will be available about, The Florida Black Leadership Agenda Coalition at a future date.

Pam Keith has a plan that, in my opinion, puts her heads and shoulders above her opponents in this race. She really wants to fix the community. She understands that by fixing the poorest and the most needy among us, that action will raise the living standards of all of us.

I love this lady.

Her plan has elements of other ideas that I have read, like, Dr. Claude Anderson, Dr. Umar Johnson, Dr. Boyce Wakins, Dr. Martin L. King, Jr., Marcus Garvey and of course, mine. (great minds think alike)

The fight for Marco Rubio's US Senate is a tough fight. Pam Keith offers a solution that everyone should support, especially Black and brown people.

I will support Pam Keith for US Senate. Everyone who reads this should really, really consider her.

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