The Real Donald Trump

donald trumpBy James DeShay
How much Donald Trump can the United States of American stand? We live in a world where leadership has value. Any misstep can create years of instability and hardship. Those who find themselves so dishearten by the last 16 years of leadership seem to be willing to throw the country into the hands of an unproven leader named Donald Trump. There has never been a weaker person selected to be a national party nominee than Trump.

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This man has divided the country in some many different segments. He has split White America from people of color; Young Americans from Older Americans; the college educated from the those with a high school diploma or less. How is it possible for Donald Trump to bring us together when he is so prepared to leave the poor and the middle class behind? His slogan "I will make America great again".Suggest that America does not play any notable role in the world presently. Which is the furthest from the truth.

Where would the world be without the United States? What country is in a position to police the world if not the United States? Though the United States should not seek to be the world's referee it has to accept the fact that no one else can do it. So when Donald Trump insist that our military is in disarray and is near collapse; where is the proof of that in reality? The reality is that we have killed more terrorist leaders under the leadership of President Barack Obama than any other elected president. The fear most people have of foreign terrorism is blown out of proportion. Far less than 100 people die a year from the efforts of foreign terrorist; but we have no problem with living with 30,000 dying from gun violence.

Donald Trump claims that Americans are losing jobs to foreign immigrants. Again most Foreign immigrants are working jobs most Americans don't want. Let's be real for a minute! When he deports millions of working immigrants, who is going to accept the jobs that they have left open and available to the unemployed Americans left behind? Do any of us see the unemployed individual running to pick fruit or make up beds around the country? Even Donald Trump has stated that he can't find Americans to work at his great hotels in Florida, so he is forced to hire foreign workers.

How much of the Real Donald Trump can the United States of America really handle? The man lies without reason. He suggested that saw hundreds of Americans applauding the falling of the twin towers. No one else can verify it happen. Trump calls people names like a child. He talks about his private parts during a national debate. Even makes fun of handicap person during a speech. Donald stated that the men who don't get caught during wars are the true hero. So he disqualifies a lot of veterans. What is Donald Trump's dis-qualifiers? How many unbelievable things will he be allowed to say or do before America has enough? Are those individuals who support him so blinded by hatred that they are willing to throw caution to the wind? Are we willing to allow the United States to travel this dark road to the abyss of Donald Trump?

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