Does 'Hapless' Patrick Murphy Make Marco Rubio Look Good?

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by Attorney Pam Keith (Pam Keith is a candidate for U.S. Senate)
Note: This comment made by Attorney Pam Keith after frightened Patrick Murphy dropped out of a scheduled debate with Alan Grayson. This debate was to be hosted by WFTV Channel 9 and didn't include candidate Pam Keith because of arbitrary poll rating levels, said to have been set expressly for the purpose of excluding her.

Patrick Murphy's refusal to participate in any debates in this primary is the work of a pampered,

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privileged, entitled brat who has never had to work for anything in his life. He is the ultimate paper tiger, peddling a resume full of lies and embellishments, and a congressional record so devoid of accomplishments he makes Marco Rubio look effective.

Patrick has never run into a problem his father's bank account couldn't fix, which explains why he thinks he can buy Florida votes with a glut of commercials and never ever have to account for himself in person.

The man is a fraud and a coward who will never truly extend himself for anyone, and certainly not for any of the millions of Floridians who aren't privileged enough to join him on his yacht. While he hides behinds the skirts of the party leadership, I will continue to fight for Floridians and work to earn their trust, respect and vote.

If we keep sending entitled, disconnected millionaires to Washington, we shouldn't be surprised that the policies out of Washington favor the rich.

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