Are the Democratic Party and the Mainstream Media In Cahoots With Patrick Murphy, In The Same Way That Repubs and FOX News Are For Trump?

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By Lawrence A. Robinson
“I don’t care what the newspapers say about me as long as they spell my name right.” I’m sure that you have heard that quote before. No one used this mantra in recent history more effectively than Donald J. Trump. The rest of the content of the conversations did not matter, as long as Trump’s name and face appeared, he wins.

Trump is a misanthrope. He hates or distrusts everyone and has called them all out and trashed

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them. From Mexicans to Muslims to women, there isn’t a single group of humans that Trump hasn’t rained on their parade while holding himself up as a higher being. This kind of narcissistic behavior garners him lots of attention and his name and face is constantly on the air and in news print. Constantly.

Trump even calls out the very people who have the power to plaster his face all over the place. And you know what, his face still continuously get plastered and his name is spelled correctly. Hmmm...

Trump has proven that even the most unqualified candidate can get to first place polling if their face and name appears often enough, no matter the context for that appearance.

This type of over the top campaign promotion buffoonery wasn’t lost on the Florida Democratic Party.

It is so obvious that the leadership of the Democratic Party wants so badly to get Alan Grayson out of Washington, that they are willing to anoint a total loser like Patrick Murphy to the US Senate. Unbelievable... Really? Patrick Murphy?

The Democratic leadership wants Grayson out of Washington. The Florida Democratic Party. while looking for someone to replace Grayson, saw Patrick Murphy stand up waving a fistful of his dad’s money saying, ‘pick me, over here, pick me.”

Harry Reid is the U.S. Senate Democratic Leader. He doesn’t want Grayson in the Senate. Harry Reid told Alan Grayson, “I want you to lose.” Reid also said, about Grayson, “We are feeling really good about what’s going on in Florida with Grayson’s ex-wife telling everybody what a rat he is,”

Reid, along with party leaders including President Barack Obama and Vice President taleph R. Biden Jr., has endorsed Grayson's Democratic primary opponent, 'silver spoon kid,' Rep. Patrick Murphy, in the Florida Senate race. Sen. Charles E. Schumer, who stands poised to succeed Reid as minority leader next year, also urged Grayson to step aside and endorsed Murphy.

Patrick Murphy has little Democratic history as he recently switched his loyalty from wealthy Republicans to rich Democrats only a few years ago, and regularly votes for republican interest.

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Reid Wants Alan Grayson To Get Lost

Murphy can raise money for the party and can pay for himself so he won’t need much financial help from the Democratic Party. What the Democratic leadership can do for him, is make sure that his name and face gets on all the media, all the time.

Donald Trump has proven that bogeyman strategy works.

So the Democratic leaders joined with main stream media to plaster Patrick Murphy face and name all over the place. Media publications all over the State of Florida are posting article after article about Murphy. Even articles about Murphy the should cause Democrats heads to explode.

Murphy has a lot of negative baggage and article after article, with photo and name. Murphy won't debate because he doesn't have to. The Trump buffoonery campaign promotion guide is in full effect.

Patrick Murphy is reaping benefits from the teaming of the Democratic Party and the mainstream media's blasting his face and name all over the place. His poll numbers are very high.

So what about candidate Pam Keith and the others in this race for US Senate? How do they get fair coverage in the main stream media? They don’t; not with this system in place.

This spotlights the need for fair locally control media outlets that has the best interest of the citizens at heart. This situation also displays the bias within the leadership of the Democratic Party.

Black people in particular, should create a communications network which focuses on our needs and our community because it is very obvious that the main stream outfits don't care about us and don't tell our story.

If all a candidate has to do to poll in first place, is to get their name spelled correctly in the media by any means available, then we have a problem.

All thanks to Donald J. Tramp, uh, Drump.