We Know Something About Aramis Ayala That You Ought To Know

AramisAyala cancerBy Lawrence A. Robinson with Attorney Natalie Jackson
Attorney Aramis Ayala is a candidate for State Attorney for Florida's 9th Judicial Circuit. She appears to be a nice, sweet and quiet young lady.

She came to the Community Steeple Media's office and we talked for about an hour. I can tell you this, she is very passionate and very aggressive about her life's mission.

She was the president of the local Paul C. Perkins Bar Association. She then went on to be the president of the Florida Virgil Hawkins Bar Association where she lead hundreds of Black lawyers in judicial and legislative advocacy.

Both of those associations are lawyer activist groups who advocate for: Voter protection, criminal justice reforms, housing reforms, immigration reforms, educational reforms, police reforms, restorations of rights, and more Blacks in the local and federal judiciary.

Further, Aramis actually founded the pro-bono law committee to help poor people who can't afford an attorney.

In the video, she answers many personal questions. Aramis Ayala deserves your considerations when you vote for State Attorney.


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