Press Release

September 15, 2016
Orange County Democratic Black Caucus and Community Steeple Media, LLc agree to create a communications network with a Black people focus.

The Orange County Democratic Black Caucus is THE Political Voice of and by the people in Central Florida. Wanting to make that statement more true, the OCDBC realized there is a need for a communications network that allows for the free flow of ideas by the community.

Lawrence A. Robinson, President and CEO of Community Steeple Media, met with Russell Drake, President of Orange County Democratic

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Black Caucus on Thursday, September 8th in a two hour meeting to discuss communications in the Black community.

Both agreed that communications in the Black community was severely lacking. Main stream news outlets seem to either ignore our community all together or they mis-focus the issues that are important to us.

The two presidents came to an agreement to attack the issue. Lawrence A Robinson will focus the resources of Community Steeple Media on creating a communications network for the Central Florida Black community. Russell Drake and OCDBC will embrace this network as the official communications outlet for the organization. This is a two year project, however noticeable improvements in Black communications should be evident within two to four months.

Community Steeple Media will design a communications network with the potential of reaching up to 80% of Orange County Black registered voters. The system will distribute information via online web sites, online blogs (e.g.. Wordpress), printed copy, visual blogs (e.g.. Youtube) social media outlets and other means.

The official start for the venture is October 1, 2016. More detailed information will be provided at that time.

Community Steeple Media, Llc - (407) 615-4066.