Land of the Fearful, Home of the Bigot

DonaldTrump menaceBy Debra Ellick
Good morning Pastor. Your George Washington quote is so relevant this morning! If I may add to your insightful post, as you are keenly aware, each of us is shaped by our experiences in America. Unlike you, I view the America I was socialized within through a different prism. As you acknowledge, the GOP may be exactly who they've always been.

Donald Trump respects the material aspects of life, money and people who can make him more money. Through my prism, I have

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beared witness to an America that is slowly traversing the racial chasm -- most recently willing to do business with Africans in America – IF the black money is long enough. The racial joke during that phase: "as long as your money is green I'll do business with you." This is how I view Donald Trump, within a similar framework.

You and I witnessed many transitions towards racial tolerance in America I'm confident. Donald Trump sees green, and people again to the extent they have a capacity to bring money to the table. Whether America is a melting pot, or not IMHO matters not to Trump as he is not benevolent despite the accolades Ivanka affords her father. While you Pastor cherish relationships as well as building relationships, Trump gives no evidence he is that kind of human being.

Like many individuals who fear Trump all will agree with your assertion this threat to civilization as we have come to know him does not have the temperament (as HRC accurately characterizes Trump) to lead America in my opinion, effectively. Allow me to note, I happened to share online the fact my 9yr old grandson said something which rocked my world and incensed a few Trump supporters, he said, "I don't like Donald Trump." I was shocked Pastor because in his short life, I've NEVER heard this sweet child say he did not like a human being. It was a first for me, as a grandmother. I remain so saddened by this milestone, moreover that this milestone involves this threat to civilization, Donald Trump.

Some random individual shot back at me venomously, "No 9yr old is interested in politics!" This random Trump supporter further posted some unfair and venomous words for me as a non-Trump supporter. So Pastor, I agree with you, Trump is a schoolyard type of bully and our savvy children recognize his bullying and abusive traits.

I don't view Trump as powerful. I view Trump as a weak man, with a weak spirit and a weak faith. I do not see evidence Trump values your black brothers and sisters, your Trans friends, or (as you say) your queer church peers beyond their ability to make him more money. Any power this threat to civilization may have is as a master manipulator, a con artist who understands his ability to control and influence over "low to no information voters" infatuated by him. As Trump consistently espouses, "I know MY PEOPLE." Hence, the perception Trump is powerful. No! Trump is a masterful con artist, the high roller you find at a card table in Las Vegas.

As Trump continues to denigrate human beings, especially women, speaks volumes to me Pastor about his failed relationship with his mother. Pastor, this election 2016 is about loyalty to the GOP, not Trumps personal ethics, or morals. Trump's lack of sexual morality and attitudes involving women has absolutely no bearing on the GOP. Rather, what is of value to the GOP are future appointments to the Supreme Court, not to mention the bevy of means the GOP intends to use to dismantle President Obama's legacy.

The GOPs narrative has not changed since President Obama has been in office, Obama is weak. I point this out Pastor because this is the seed the GOP waters daily. This seed has grown and spread like a vine of cancerous hate involving a number of Americans who choose to believe Obama has virtually destroyed the office of the U.S. Presidency. Anything the GOP can say to denigrate Obama, they will say it, true, or not. Castigating President Obama in one way or another is the daily agenda item of all GOP members.

I wear no rose colored glasses to the fact the GOP has a renewed strategy, unlike Democrats who write stupid words in forums like this! Unlike disjointed and unprepared Democrats, in fact, the same Democrats who have not done one thing to help President Obama since 2008 and claim President Obama "ain't done nothing for me" are the very ones who sat at home during the 2012 rather than go vote.

As you are keenly aware Pastor, these same Democrats now flock to forums like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, etc., espousing their uneducated points of view, confusing others even less knowledgeable than themselves. The result is the same, each consistently muddying the waters with disjointed and unfounded nonsense. Unlike the GOP who has "chosen" to coalesce and sing the same tune for the sake of their party, Democrats are far less cohesive.

More to my point, Democrats on the whole certainly did not plan election 2016 and did not groom anyone it appears, look where we are in terms of protecting the legacy of President Obama. Pastor, I am one of "the blacks" you referenced (cheekily about Trump) and this "black" is deeply concerned, beyond bringing an incendiary and volatile approach to diplomacy domestically and on the international stage. I am very concerned about the personal conflicts of interests WORLDWIDE a Trump presidency presents. I'm very unsettled by the prospect of Trump using the world, not to mention America, for his own corporate, personal, and other professional aspirations.

In closing Pastor, I love the phrase you coined: Land of the Fearful, Home of the Bigot.