Using Donald Trump's Reasoning In Real Life

Reasoning 200By Attorney Camara Williams, Esq.
I plan on heading into the bank this morning and asking about one of those small 14 million dollar loans Donald is talking about. Parents are tripping on this pocket change, acting like they ain't got it.

Also, I've come to the conclusion that "They" (DJ Khalid Voice)...don't want us to be great...because THEY ain't calling Sean Hannity. So what we gonna do? We gonna be great again.

Shoutout to the 3rd world nation of America! I can't wait for a white guy to replace this black guy in office so this white guy can fix all these

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black problems, that got worse as that black guy was in office.

I was gonna pay Publix for the food I bought...but I didn't because I was unhappy about the service...I still ate that food-which was delicious. But I ain't paid a cent because that's just good business.

I want to lower taxes on business...I'm not worried about the feasibility of such an endeavor because I don't pay taxes anyway. I'm smart like that.

By the way. From this point on, if you ain't got my tweets, social media post and audio handy. PLEASE don't be telling me what you heard (or read) me say....Because I ain't said none of what you just heard.

My temperament is awesome! I was gonna say something really messed up. I had planned on it. You should know this. But the fact I didn't say this shows how amazing my temperament is. Although I reserve the right to say it at a later date.

Finally, I leave you with this nugget....facts ain't got nothing to do with truth....
Go ahead and ponder on that for a while...just don't use this against me at a later date...cause I ain't said that.

(If you read the above statements and thought that was nonsensical foolishness...congratulations you've just become a Democrat...because we've been saying this for months. Welcome to the resistance.)