Are These Some of Trump's Bad Policies?

Mike Greeneby staff
Mike Greene, formerly of NYPD, is a staunch supporter of Donald Trump. Often on FaceBook, he and I engage in political banter. Here is a particularly interesting statement that he made and a few responses it garnered.

The only names showing are Mike Greene's and mine, Lawrence A Robinson. Other names are blocked. Also, I have made no edits to the comments. There were a few comments that were repetitive in nature and were omitted.

One other thing, I don't 'hate Trump with extreme venom.' Trump is uninformed about a great many things yet he professes to know it all. I don't hate Trump. I have issue with his ignorance and his arrogance.

Mike Greene
For those who hate Trump with extreme venom:
What specific policies has he enacted that you hate?
I don't want to know about the bad words he says or how you feel hate toward him because of his words. I'm talking real stuff. What policies has he enacted that make you hate him?

Lawrence A Robinson 'Grab em by the p*ssy'. One of his main policies in his 'Predatory Statutes'

******** Statement he made...yes.....But a main policy? Are you kidding me?

Mike Greene LOL. Not a policy just words. - from more than a decade ago in a private conversation and obviously a lie. When has any woman accused him of grabbing her by the p*ssy? Exactly, never.

But back to the OP and no further deflection. What policies do you hate?

Lawrence A Robinson His policies barring Black and brown people from entering the country. These are part of the 'Shit Hole' statutes.

******** I don't think he intended to permanently bar them, it was my impression that he wanted to "pause"....figure out what's what and then start over with more intense vetting and documentation. He just makes EVERYTHING he says sound ignorant as hell. (I can't believe I just half ass defended his stance, because I disagree with HOW he does it )

******** DO show facts where he has barred only the black and brown people from those countries? He barred them ALL....Black, brown, white and any colors in between.......

******** So "black and brown" people only come from 7 countries? I learn new shit everyday.

******** It is anyone coming from those countries that can not be vetted because their own country can not verify who they are. It doesn't say anything about skin color it just happens to be that people from Sweden and most other countries are peaceful and don't vow to come here and kill Americans. The race card has been used up!

******** This is just my "opinion"...I wish he would do what he does without opening his mouth. As far as his policies the only one that hurts my heart is the deportation of people who are on the "do right" path. Adults that were brought here illegally as children had no say in where their parents took them. I understand that at some point they should have become citizens but I don't think it's that easy. I voted for him because I felt he was better than Hilary, and to vote outside of those two would just be a throw away vote. Don't jump my shit, but as far as Presidents go, Barack is by far my most favorite although I'm the first to admit I didn't agree with everything he did. That last sentence KILLS my mother!! Lol

Lawrence A Robinson His policies to keep the 'for profit' prison system full of prisoners. These are part of Jeff Sessions 'Get rich off the back of legal slaves' statutes.

******** Those "prisoners" committed crimes that got them locked up, that is why they are there. And if you think we make a profit on prisons you have got to be joking.....

********Umm.... Most prisons are privately ran now. Saw where one of these companies made 44 million dollars last year. Also, what I think he's referring to is marijuana based crimes, from the Sessions reference. Which, with that thought, I agree with him. The ONLY reason marijuana is a schedule 1 narcotic and not as legal as alcohol are as follows: big pharmaceutical, big paper, and big plastics companies and their contributions. Nobody, should be incarcerated for any amount of time because of Marijuana. Period. This president has done nothing to progress the country out of the biblical era when it comes to cannabis.

******** It is not his job to bring the country out of the biblical era as far as marijuana goes. I do agree 100% that marijuana should be legal, but as long as it is not, then it is still a criminal act. I hate that these "criminals" take us space where violent criminals should be, hopefully that law will change. But the government does not get rich off of prisons as far as I know. And I would think that privately owned prisons run mush more smoothly than a government run prison.

******** He could of stopped Sessions from rescinding the Cole Memo. He sat quietly on the issue and still does. Don't take this as me bashing him blindly. As I posted, I only have two issues with this administration, much less than what I had for 8 years prior. What I have the biggest issue with is the ignorance on both sides that has allowed the media and politicians to divide this country.

Mike Greene He does not have a policy that bars black and brown people from coming here. Where did you hear that lie? Lawrence A Robinson

Mike Greene Where does he have a policy to keep for profit prisons full of prisoners? States control most prisons. He only has oversight w the small number of federal prisons. None of them are for profit.

Lawrence A Robinson His policy of ignoring Puerto Rico. Part of the immigration statutes because the buffoon doesn't know that Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States.

******** Nope, wrong again......The aid was there, even the news media showed that. Puerto Rico had issues distributing the food, water and other supplies that were sent to them. Not Trump's fault and totally out of his control.

******** He didn't ignore Puerto Rico. FEMA heads were there day one. PR was already screwed up badly. I'm probably the only person on this page who was there after the hurricane conducting rescue and relief efforts AND in direct contact with w my buds who stayed for months. The mess in PR was and still is the fault of the PR government.

******** Isn't the Puerto Rican government the United States government? If it were Colorado would it have been the Colorado government? Asking for clarity?

******** ******** Government in Puerto Rico is Puerto Rican government. PR has a Governor who controls the Island. Each city then has its own Mayors.

******** Mike Greene yes I get it. I guess my point is .... NM you are a Trump supporter.

Mike Greene But what is your point? I'm here to get down and dirty and nitty gritty. The aid issue was a PR fault and issue, and still is. The federal government did its part. It's the equivalent of hurricane Sandy hitting Nyc. The feds did their job. Cash and goods were given to Nyc. It was up to nyc to dish it out properly.

Lawrence A Robinson His policy of 'plausible deniability' by not attending morning briefings or even reading the bills that he signs. He is able to deny any knowledge of events when things go wrong as they often do. Being an ignorant buffoon gives him that right.

******** And how do you know he does not read what he signs? I am not sure if you are a troll, or if you really buy into the crap the main stream media spews...

******** ******** most don't they rely on aids to get it right and I think that needs to change.... IF THEIR NAME IS ON IT THEY SHOULD BE AWARE OF WHAT'S IN IT

Mike Greene He attends morning briefings. He creates and reads and signs his executive orders and bills he signs. Everything else is again, not policy just your emotion which is what I said is not what we are looking for in this post.

Lawrence A Robinson His policy of 'Self Preservation' also known as 'Comey, You're Fired.' Throw everyone under the bus as needed except daughter and twinkle in his eye, Ivanka and co-conspirator son-in-law Jared.

Mike Greene Comey as we know was as corrupt as they come. He should've been jailed for obstruction.

Mike Greene Still not policy. Name policies you hate.

******** ******** Mike Greene.......none of them CAN!!! ??

Lawrence A Robinson His policy of 'Corrupt Hiring.' Even after being warned against hiring Mike Flynn, the buffoon still brought him into his den of thieves. These policies fit into his 'Drain the swamp, float a desert' statutes.

Mike Greene He doesn't have a policy of corrupt hiring. Being warned to not hire someone and still hiring them doesn't make you corrupt. If someone told me not to hire you but I did anyway, so what? And Flynn, until last year, was a respected General. What was deemed bad about hiring him. HOWEVER, Trump is an amazing boss and fired him anyway.

Lawrence A Robinson His 'Pathetic Liar' policy. buffoon Trump will lie even when the truth will work just the same. Lying is such a big part of his persona that his White House staff is expected to lie even when the truth is obvious. The lies about the size of the inauguration crowd for one, and the size of his hands for another shows that just being quiet would have worked better. These lies are part of the Joseph Goebbles 'Big Lie' statutes.

Mike Greene Again, no such policy exists.

******** Lawrence is a hateful old bastard, isn't he? LMAO! I sincerely hope that the words "President Trump" keep him up at night, crying in the fetal position whilst sucking his thumb and begging for his mommy. I bet a bag o' doughnuts that's EXACTLY what he does.

******** Mike, for me, the above comment is why I can not respect this president. He fails big time in unifying and peace-making. A leader should be the example and the encourager of unity. Unity is so important in a melting pot country like ours. The fact tha...See More

******** I respectfully ask you this question....Can you show me where Obama tried to unify this country? Was it when he allowed thugs to riot in the street and burn neighborhoods? Was it when he allowed our freedom of speech to be stomped? Was it when he commuted so many criminals, when he traded high level terrorists for an Army deserter? And I am not trying to "start a fight" I just want to know....

******** ******** I'm not sure why Obama had to be the comparison you picked but to be fair during my 38 years all previous presidents earned my respect irregardless of their political affiliations and policies simply because they never overtly stated (or tweeted) that it was a Dem vs Rep country. Many focused on what unites us when they had an opportunity to address the people.

******** policies will always evoke different perceptions- some will think they're great and some will see the absolute negatives of them. It just goes with decision making but being a leader that soothes the discontent with words helps.

******** But it is a dem vs rep country. Look at how they vote party lines. I have always felt that we should abolish the parties and their labels. No more democrat, republican, libertarian or any other groups. I am not sure how we would pick candidates for the primary, but we have got to get away from the party system. It is partly at fault for dividing the country also.

******** I do not agree with his stance on a woman's right to choose. He's now... hard line on the subject.
I don't agree with how he handles NK on Twitter.
I don't like how he has used Executive orders.
I don't like the tax plan... in the long run it keeps the tax cuts for the wealthy and in 5 years the middle and working class will be paying for them.

******** I don't like that he's put people like DeVoss in charge of the Dept of Ed. She's unqualified and doesn't believe in public schools.. I have a lot more reasons for not liking Dear Leader.... but it's Sunday morning..heading out soon.

******** Public schools are failing our children big time. You have common core which is garbage. My niece graduated high school and does not have her multiplication tables memorized..Why? Because schools are too busy teaching garbage and not the basics needed to succeed in the real world. He has used very few executive orders, did you object to Obama and his MANY executive orders? And I also do not agree on his stance on womens right to choose, but I also have a huge issue with abortion being used as birth control too. That is a slippery slope for sure.

******** You are incorrect "The executive order was significant in another way, too: It was the 50th Trump has signed as president. By comparison, Obama had signed just 26 at this point of his presidency. He would eventually average 35 a year during his eight years in the White House—the fewest of any president for 120 years—en route to a total of 277. Trump is currently on pace to sign 275 executive orders. In one term.

******** public schools being a disaster is not a new thing.... it was discussed when I was in school and that was a longggg time ago.

******** One more thing... it does matter the words he uses. We teach our children that at an early age.
It all matters. The fact that he's told over 2000 lies in 1 year matters as well

******** Over 2000? You have a list of those, a confirmed list? If not it is just hearsay.

All False statements involving Donald Trump | PolitiFact

******** Now there;s a reliable source....sense the sarcasm.....

******** I have a feeling that unless I use Fox or InfoWars as a source on Dear will protest.

******** Pretty sure that's a majority - if not all - of politicians ??

******** Sure. But not like Dear Leader who has a real problem with reality.


******** But again.. Mike asked. I answered. I know that I won't change any of your minds about Dear Leader.

******** He's not as slick as telling lies as Obama, Bush and Clinton. They all lie.

******** I wouldn't say he has a problem with reality, I'd more say that he calls things as he sees them.
Regardless, I hope that, some day, people learn to form (their own) opinions based on facts and statistics rather than emotions and feeling some type of way...

******** You should add to this question "and other than ranting/marching (frivolously)/sharing on social media redundant criticisms/having a generally negative, argumentative, adversarial disposition...what are you actually doing about changing that policy"

******** Probably about the same that had issues with Obama's policies. Wait for election time and vote.

******** I disagree with two policies. The termination of DACA or the attempt to terminate. Then allowing Jeff Sessions to rescind the Cole Memo is probably my biggest ire with this administration.

******** I always find politics in the us amazing. People judge others and the leaders based on LIMITED words they are told by people who do don't have an honest reputation. I believe in being informed, but most people are
Not as they listen to biased one sided...See More

******** It says a lot when you read the comments and people list the most insignificant and sometimes made up policies they hate. Might secretly be in love.

******** The thing that I dislike about Trump is that he uses twitter and sometimes he sounds very childish BUT he is tweeting what so many of us are thinking. He needs to reel it in a bit.

******** Simply said release the documents. Get to the truth.

******** Why would anyone hate Trump? He has espoused nothing but love to all Americans regardless of color. His policies like the travel ban, repeal of DACA and affirmative action, not to mention his glowing remarks about people of color, have endeared him to the hearts of true patriotic Americans who believe in freedom and equality.

******** There were more Americans killed by white supremacists in 2017 than all of these countries combined. Why not ban white supremacists since the supposed goal is to protect American lives?


Mike Greene Because we can't ban American citizens. But we can try to temporarily ban folks from nations that have a great degree of folks who hate us, etc. But notice - most of those nations are NOT primarily "brown nations". You see how this fact goes against the rhetoric?

Mike Greene And there were more folks killed by violence in those nations than all of our entire nations crime combined.

Lawrence A Robinson Hmmm... Why isn't there a Russia travel ban? Oh, never mind.

Lawrence A Robinson Thanks for answering the Russia question.

Mike Greene Why would we need a Russia travel ban?

Mike Greene You don't understand why we should have a temporary travel for folks from Iran, Syria or NK?

Lawrence A Robinson Why don't we have a temporary travel ban from China? Oh wait, the buffoon and his daughter have millions invested there, never mind.

Mike Greene Why would be ban China?

Lawrence A Robinson Why are you asking the same question that I ask?

Lawrence A Robinson His 'Tantrum Policy.' Tweeting from his bed room in the middle of the night when he doesn't get his way or when he makes himself look like a fool, instead of facing issues like a grown man. These are part of the 'Cry Like A Baby' statutes.

Mike Greene That's not a policy.

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