The Rich Slaves of the NFL

NFL logoby James DeShay                                                                                                                   After not completing my commitment to not watching NFL last year, I have to face a league that views it's business as it's own entity. The truth is that the NFL belongs to everyone that is willing to make it a part of their personal dreams in millions of ways. People across the country see these teams as their own, and millions of kids dream of playing for one of them.

The NFL is a perfect example of what we should wish the whole world could be, but isn't. It is perfect in concept, but flawed by application. The owners, coaches, and president of the league have their bias on the scale. Only the best make the team, play and enjoy a lasting career; if the owner, coaches and league president let them.

The racism that all people of color fight is alive and well in the NFL. An organization predominantly black that is controlled by a White American. The white owners fear the product that makes them billions could possibly have a voice that could impact the world. The fans could possibly love the players enough to listen, and stop fearing the rest of us. This is not a group that will be easily controlled. They are made up of men that are smart, strong, and wealthy.

Some of these players will refuse to be silent,accept the money, and go quietly back to the world without a platform. The NFL gives them a platform to voice their opinion about what they hate that is related to racism. God forbid, they save the life of an unarmed child or change the bias that create fear in commonAmericans. The owners are more concern about the money that flows through their personal pockets.

I stand with the men on each of these NFL teams that follow their heart and fight for justice. The men that don't fear Donald Trump, who is the leader of today's oppressors. Donald Trump see these men as rich slaves that should appreciate what white Americans has done for them. You dare speak louder than those who pay you, defy the rules of those that feed you and provide you shelter. Sounds a lot like the voice of old slave masters. #NFL, #NFLCollusion

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