This May Offend Some, but...

Francine ThomasBy Francine Thomas
May shock others but it's my truth and if nothing else I am true to thine self and I try my darndest to be true to others.

I am riding with ANDREW GILLUM for Governor 100%!!!

But I can not take a seat on that race baiting ride.

Gillum is a "great" guy, he's planted a solid impeccable foundation of public servitude.

If winning this seat hinges on the comment made by Desantis; this CONSTANT racial tension will not subside after the Gillum win.

We argue, rant, rave and feud over ill intended or meaningful "dog whistle words"
Yet - Over half of us do not own fire power or enough ammunition should social order breakout as a result of our "gettin' mad" (that's a whole other article.)

This Gubernatorial win/his win should help bridge the racial gap not continue to divide it.