Did John Mina and The Orlando Sentinel Collude to Use Racist Ink To Attack Democrats?

OrlandoSentinel LogoJohnMinaIn a commentary published in the Orlando Sentinel titled, ‘Orange County Sheriff Race Showed 41 percent of voters are incompetent,’ Democrats are called complete nincompoops.

WOW, 41% incompetent! Their conclusion was based on the results of the Orange County Sheriff’s race where the only Democrat listed on the ballot received about 41% of the vote. It just so happens that the Democrat on the ballot, whose name is Darryl Sheppard, is Black.

The article went on to say:
“There are only two possible explanations for Sheppard’s impressive vote total:
A. We have 184,088 complete nincompoops living in our midst.
B. The power of partisan politics is dangerously blinding. “
Neither of these options is particularly appealing to Democrats and especially not to Blacks.

Apparently, the Orlando Sentinel must feel very safe and secure in their ‘white privileged’ world for them to wave their hood while calling 41% of the voters, all Democrats who voted for Sheppard, complete nincompoops.

Did they call Rick Scott the greatest fraudster of all time after he oversaw the largest Medicare fraud in the nation’s history? Did they call half the Republicans in the state fools for making him Governor and then Senator?

What about DeSantis’s racist ‘monkey this up’ statement? Do you remember Orlando Sentinel’s blistering Commentary about him and the Republicans? Do you think they will call half of Florida’s voter’s bigots? No, me neither.

And what about John Mina? They say that 70% of the time, when Orlando Police Department officers fire their weapon, it is towards a Black person. Orlando Sentinel is very quiet about police brutality, especially when the victim is Black. Is it okay for Orlando Police Officers to kick out the eye of a surrendered Black man, and then John Mina does nothing, says nothing? We are still waiting for that very harsh commentary from the Orlando Sentinel.

Black folk has known for some time that the Orlando Sentinel can’t be trusted to publish fair and honest reporting about our community. But now, they have dipped deep into the racist ink barrel to print this piece, and blend negative comments about Black people, with a hit piece against the Democrat Party.

As far as the Orange County Sheriff race is concerned, the only thing that is worst than Darryl Sheppard getting almost 41% of the vote, is that John Mina got over 45%.

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Rick Scott "oversaw the largest Medicare fraud in the nation’s history." say Democrat Party