Buddy Dyer’s Busted Housing Fallacy

DyerGroundbreakingBy Lawrence A Robinson
With rent prices and the Central Florida’s population on the rise, many residents are having a hard time finding housing within their budgets. The median rent price increase 3% to 6% every year and household incomes are not keeping up.
The number of affordable houses being built and planned will never be enough to satisfy the needs of the community. These ‘lower value’ homes are not affordable to the existing area residents.

Mayor Dyer’s answer to the housing crisis is to build more housing that the residents can’t afford. So, who is he building these homes for? Buddy Dyer’s plan is a failure and it will never solve the problem of housing for low income residents. His plan is designed to maintain the status-quo and never really solve this issue.Aretha blue
Orlando Mayor Candidate Aretha Simons has a plan. Instead of lowering the cost and value of homes in our neighborhood, her focus is to raise the average household income while educating residents on the benefits of home ownership and aggressively " supporting" them in their home purchases.
As Orlando Mayor, Aretha Simons will work with the Bootstrapping Project team to increase the average household’ incomes. Mayor Simons will promote strategies that encourage the Black community to work together and support each other. There is a plan.

For more information about the BootStrapping Project, call (407)615-4066.
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