Senator Rick Scott Joins Mayor Buddy Dyer and Mayor Jerry Demings In Disregarding the Needs of Black People

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Florida Sen. Rick Scott wrote an op-ed for Fox News that decried the federal government's response to the corona virus pandemic, implying that the country's millions of laid off workers would rather collect benefits than go back to work.


"Don't incentivize workers to stay on government-run, taxpayer-funded programs when this crisis has ended and we need them to go back to work. That's not complicated," "This means that workers could make more money by not working than they would make if they had a job," Scott wrote.

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"So 48 U.S. Senators voted for a government program that incentivizes people to not work, and no one batted an eye," Scott wrote. "And don't blame or judge the workers.

Scott wrote. "...., what would you do if you were struggling to make ends meet, to pay rent, to provide for your loved ones?"

"This means that workers could make more money by not working than they would make if they had a job,"

Yes, Rick Scott knows what the problem is. The problem is low income. But fraudster Scott will deny crisis support to low income people because he is scared that those wage earners won't return to their slave wage jobs. And for Rick Scott, increasing the wages to a livable income is out of the question.

I agree that when the COVID-19 thingy is over, workers should be incentivize to go back to work. The incentive should be medical care for all. The incentive should be justice for all. The incentive should be opportunity for all. The incentive should be a livable wage for all.

The stimulus should be a 'stop gap' to help residents to bridge these limited uncertain times. But when the stimulus is more than their actual incomes, that is a social problem that government should solve. Instead of owning up to the real problem, which is low income, Rick Scott wants to further acerbate the issue by disregarding the low income issue and redirecting attention elsewhere.

Republican Senator Rick Scott is not alone in disregarding Black and marginalize citizens. Mayor Jerry Demings and Mayor Buddy Dyer hyped a Two Year Task force study that clearly stated that the main issue causing the need for affordable housing is low income. Yet, both Dyer and Demings disregarded the report findings and instead decided to do more of the thing that acerbate the issue and nothing at all towards solving it.

Mayor Buddy Dyer, Mayor Jerry Demings, and Senator Rick Scott are like peas in a pod when it comes to giving a damn about the Black population. They don't. This COVID-19 virus crisis just gives them another excuse to ignore us and maintain the status-quo.