Stand Together In Faith

stand strong togetherThe majority of my friends here on fb are Christians, Along with myself, I see other's posting scriptures, praising God, reminding others of God's goodness, mercy, grace etc… You see this and hear it in churches too. Praises ring out in adoration for our Lord and God!


Yet, when one takes a step back and takes a good look at Christians, what is more prevalent than all of this is how weak we have become. Sure we love God, we love His Word, and we do our best to live and walk in His precepts. BUT, as a whole we are weak.


We see very little healing, signs miracles and wonders. When they do happen, it seems to shock us more than anybody else! We see the fate and predicament of our world, and we shake our heads in disbelief and say, "Lord come quickly," immediately praying for Jesus to take us out of the world, instead of praying for more power and boldness to witness God's love to it.

I'm not speaking of individuals, as I know that there are some who work tirelessly to get the Word of God out to others. I am not speaking of those who pray for the sick, and actually have the faith to see the results. I'm talking about the church as a BODY of believers. That's what we are. The left side of the body cannot survive or be effective without the right side. In other words, we need one another to stand together in faith and on the promises of God's Word.

It starts with each individual and it builds to the collective, but we have to start somewhere. Why don't YOU as an individual, no matter what you have gone through up to today, make the unqualified commitment to read the Word of God daily. Meditate upon it, trust it, believe it and then finally act on it! If you do it and I do it and he does it and she does it, guess what, the power of the Church of God will be reborn. Think about it. We have been called to power, to righteousness, faith, joy, peace, justification… Let's stop wasting what we have, and move out in faith, together!