Black Men Struggle with the Hypocrisy of White Christianity

hypocrisyBy Roger Caldwell
The Black Church is the most powerful Black organization in America, since the freedom of slavery. The Black church has been more than a house of worship, but has provided material benefits for the community, a political community organization, and a social and educational institution for Black Americans.

White America has always struggled with the role of the Black church, because Black Christianity told the truth about racism and injustice. White Christianity remained quiet about the treatment of Black people, and White supremacy was never questioned but accepted.

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Leslie Holt L-Leader born to lead.
E-Exquisite in her gift of singing.
S-Spoiled loved attention with a heart of gold.
L-Lively in spite of the struggles, she fought a good fight.
I-Intellectual she knew how to use her intelligence and analytical thinking to accomplish her goal.
E-Eloquent a woman full of words of wisdom.

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A Message To Black Pastors

BlackChurchMaximizing your IRS status as a member of the Clergy and a self employed tax payer.   

     In our community, low income is the factor that drives the need for a lot of things; affordable medicine; affordable utilities; affordable transportation; affordable childcare; affordable education; affordable food; and of course, affordable housing. Our local leaders are yet to design an official plan to address the root cause of the need, which is low income. Low income is the root, and low income is the issue that we need to address.

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JerryGirleyBy Pastor Jerry Girley
Perhaps the most pressing question on the minds of many Christians is whether the Coronavirus is a plague sent by God? Well known Christian leaders are coming down on both sides of this question. Some say there is no way that such a horrible thing could come from a loving God, therefore, it must be the work of the devil. Others such as Franklin Graham, insist that the Coronavirus is God's judgment upon the world for turning our backs on Him and embracing every evil under the sun. So what is the truth?