Journaling My Internal Processing

PastorJoeby Pastor Joe Flores
I'm feeling a certain kind-a-way over a few things and in that certain "kind-a-way" feeling. I'm disciplining myself to keep things in prayer before the Lord, to stay in His word, to exercise mercy, kindness, wisdom, patience, leadership, love and being led by the Spirit, in spirit and through His Word.

Every day I learn more, that who I am influences how all that goes. If the truth be told, when you are a passionate person, your passion for what you stand for burns like fire.

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The City of Orlando Supports The Desecration Of Black Churches In Parramore For Sport

Faith Deliverance Temple, Orlando, Fl.These comments were written in response to the City or Orlando's plan to condemn a Black Church located in Parramore in order to make room for investor owned soccer stadium.

by Tim Adams
The CITY of ORLANDO Should not take the church for entertainment or sports developers; who are private investors. The Church Should be Allowed to remain in its property and the soccer field should be designed away from that parcel of land.

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Breaking Waves!

PastorJoeby Pastor Joe Flores
There is a difference between sinking, floating and breaking waves. There are times when your cargo simply out weighs your buoyancy and you sink.

Then there times when you have just enough buoyancy to float even under the worst possible conditions.

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Fooled By Peace

antichristby Rev. Dr. Henry Vernon
Then he shall confirm a covenant with many for one week; but in the middle of the week He shall bring an end to sacrifice and offering.
Daniel 9:27

Recommended Reading
Daniel 9:25-27

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