Leadership without Accountability leads to failureby Pastor Joe Flores
In psychology there is a concept known as "projection". 'Projection' is when a person projects their behavior and responses onto another as if the other person feels, reacts and responds as they would. In short, the projectionist says, because I feel, act, react or respond this way you must feel act, react or respond in the same way, because that’s how I am.


Greed Is Good. Really? Read The Eight Beatitudes of Jesus

TrashFoodby John Manzione
It is now true that seniors are found eating cheap pet food from China to live and then vomiting that filth back up. And if they eat it in a park they are arrested for trespassing, vagrancy, ad nauseum. In jail they still go unfed. They are given cheap baloney -cat food again- with American cheese three times a day on very lousy no nutrition bread. This way the poor bastards won't try and get arrested for a meal.

The back of the American Picture of Dorian Grey grows more hideous each day our noveau meanness continues.

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The Truth Is The Truth

Truthby Patricia Loves-Truth
I say this with a heavy heart, but the truth is the truth. God's Word is not for the faint of heart. It isn't a magic wand that we wave to receive results. The Word of God is truth. It's a truth that we must absolutely believe and rely on, or we will suffer the consequences of unbelief.

God is not punishing us for our unbelief. There are laws in place. We don't blame God if someone falls off of an twenty story building and dies.

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The Wilderness

PastorJoeThe wilderness is often thought to be a deserted uninhabited place of desolation. However, the word's etymology is from the "wildeornes", which in turn derives from "wildeor" meaning wild beast (wild + deor = beast, deer) from this point of view, the wildness is a place of wild things, things untamed by human civility.

For some of us our wilderness is more than just desolation and or isolation, it is a place that lacks human civility. It is a place of dealing with unimaginable wild things.

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The Preachers of LA! A Second Thought


By Pastor Joe Flores
I am not a church basher. I have always had a strong disdain for church bashers. I've viewed the Christian who is a church basher to be a hiccup away from a being a Judas. That being said, the extravagant religiosity of church culture, particularly visible among its leaders, has reached crazy heights, heretofore unreached. Church looniness has reached a tipping point. The parade of flesh, bloated egos, raging carnality, excessive gibberish and profound immaturity, clad in lavish robes, earthly liturgical collars, sacrosanct jewelry and other accessorizing ornaments, have become ridiculously laughable and embarrassingly unconscionable.

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