NOAH - The Review

noah movieBy Pastor Bridget Norvell
COME OUT THE BOX: I had the opportunity to see this dynamic movie. If we took off our religious hats and put on the spiritual hat, we would see the true concept of what this movie is saying to us as a people; then the debates of the movie would stop.
The movie might have been directed by an atheist, but it seems this atheist was one out of many that saw the corrupt intent of man.

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With or Without

by Rev. Dr. Henry Vernon
But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you.
Matthew 5:44

Recommended Reading
Luke 23:34

When Caleb Donnelly deployed with the Marines to Iraq, his wife Grace gave him an expensive love bracelet to wear. After his return, their home was burglarized and the bracelet, along with other jewelry, was stolen and never recovered. When the thieves were caught, the judge sentenced them to make restitution to the couple, but the couple declined the money.

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Move Forward

MoveForwardAlmost two years ago to the day, 3/3/2012, I was in a prayer meeting with a group of about 30 believers, praying. The woman who was leading the prayer group, got up out of her chair, came over to me, grabbed my hand and lifted me out of my chair. Mind you, I had no personal relationship with her, and had never been introduced, so she didn't know me at all.

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Journaling My Internal Processing

PastorJoeby Pastor Joe Flores
I'm feeling a certain kind-a-way over a few things and in that certain "kind-a-way" feeling. I'm disciplining myself to keep things in prayer before the Lord, to stay in His word, to exercise mercy, kindness, wisdom, patience, leadership, love and being led by the Spirit, in spirit and through His Word.

Every day I learn more, that who I am influences how all that goes. If the truth be told, when you are a passionate person, your passion for what you stand for burns like fire.

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