Breaking Waves!

PastorJoeby Pastor Joe Flores
There is a difference between sinking, floating and breaking waves. There are times when your cargo simply out weighs your buoyancy and you sink.

Then there times when you have just enough buoyancy to float even under the worst possible conditions.

Then there are still other times when you have heavy cargo, but you are still able to sail, if the wind is right.

Now of course, nobody wants to sink. That's the worst case scenario. Sailing is progress, but is still not the most favorable scenario.Jericho Logo200X67

The most favorable scenario isn't floating or even sailing. The most favorable scenario is when your ship is breaking waves, that's when you know you are going somewhere.JohnHughes Banner

Did you know that the Dead Sea's salt content is so thick that it is nearly impossible for anything to sink in the Dead Sea. You can float on the Dead Sea forever.

But if you want to sail or better still, if you want to break some waves, you've got to get out of the Dead Sea into the liberty of open waters, put the peddle to the metal and start breaking waves until you've reached your destination. -Pastor Joe Flores

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