Are You In A Spiritual Prison That You Built?

spiritualprisonby Earl L. Small
Every time I hear, "All men are the same or all women are the same," I just shake my head because that statement is the result of some hurt or pain that's never been resolved.

Folks, have you let someone get so deep in your head and "taint" your mental until your vision clouds over?

No man or woman is the same as another man or woman. They are not cloned nor are they raised the same way. So if you assume they are, then maybe the problem is not with them, but with YOU.

The issue is, when that statement is made, what is really being compared obviously, is a template of a person that caused pain to you in some way or form. As long as you carry that template around, you will always find fault because you have negatively conditioned your mind to believe everyone is like everyone else.

If God had the same mentality of saying we are all the same in judgment, then I believe heaven would be a place with a very thin population.

The first step is changing YOU. God can't bless you with the right equally yoked mate when you are too busy being JAILED spiritually in a windowless PRISON you bought and built!

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