Pastor, Leader, Friend, Shepardby Pastor Joe Flores
--People have told me that I am hard on preachers. I must confess that although I maintain a healthy respect for the calling and gift of the pastor to the church, the position of the pastor has been vitiated by the lack of character and the demoralizing behavior of many of the men and women who occupy the pulpit and carry this moniker.

That being said, it occurred to me this morning that there are many people who are members of churches, but they don't have a pastor. There are still others who have a "pastor" but don't have a shepherd. There are yet others, who have a shepherd but they cannot be pastored. Then there are "pastors" who are clue less as to how to shepherd God's people into maturity.

Very few people in the church or kingdom, whichever you prefer, have a pastor that they allow to shepherd them. Most church members are pastored from the pews or they pastor themselves.

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Jesus looked at people who had no shepherd and felt sorrow and grief for them. He said, they are "weak". Jesus said, "they are scattered." This reference to being scattered wasn't just geographical, it was a reference to their total condition. They are emotionally, mentally and spiritually all over the place.

How insidiously devastating this state of being is to those who are in the Body of Christ. My prayer is, God restore honor to position of the pastor through men and women who love and obey your Word, reverence your name and are completely surrendered to your call to shepherd your people.

God anoint your people to understand the necessity to be shepherded by a good shepherd and grant them wisdom to discern one from the other.

Pastor Joe Flores
Founding & Senior Pastor: Perfecting Saints Church
Jer.1:12b "...I will hasten my word to perform it."

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