Futureby Desiree 'Des' Ross
God continually has our future on His mind and in His purpose. The Almighty's passion for the future is also witnessed in the fact that God thinks generationally. When God established His covenant through Abraham, He was planning that Abraham's descendants would become a nation.

First God promised Abraham a son and to make a "great nation" from Abraham's children (Genesis 12:2). Years later God predicted that Abraham would be "a great and mighty nation" (Genesis 18:18). Years passed, and then God visited Abraham's grandson Jacob, changing his name from Jacob to Israel.

God enlarged His promise by saying to Jacob, "A nation and a company of nations shall proceed from you" (Genesis 35:11). After the nation of Israel expanded from seventy souls to more than six hundred thousand men of war (Exodus 1:5; 12:37), the Lord announced that the nation would be "blessed above all peoples" (Deut. 7:14).

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From one simple individual, Abraham, to seventy souls who went into Egypt under taleph, in four hundred years the nation grew to six hundred thousand men marching through the Red Sea and on to the millions of Jewish people now in the world.

God was beginning the preparations for one large family called the children of Israel when He was making covenant with one man., Abraham! This is why God changed Abram's name (meaning "father") to Abraham, meaning "father of many" (Genesis 17:5). ISRAEL BEGAN WITH A DREAM AND A VISION!!!

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